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Las Ramblas Barcelona Street Artists + Human Statues


Las Ramblas street artists are just one of the many things to see on La Rambla.

The Erotic Museum, Casa Bruno Cuadros, and the vaunted La Boqueria market are all solid shouts no doubt – but it’s the street artists that are the most emblematic of all.

That’s why today I’m focusing on the more bizarre side of La Rambla – the caricaturists, portraitists, and human statues that can be found lurking between Rambla dels Capuchins and Rambla Santa Monica.

Let’s take a deeper look at these La Rambla street artists.

Las Ramblas Painters

The first street artists we will encounter on the Rambla are the painters found near the Teatro del Liceu – when the weather cooperates of course.

They usually have small panels that display their finished works along with an easel for their current pieces – typically with pencil, charcoal, oil or vinyl colours.

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Among the most famous are the caricaturists who, in half an hour, will cook up a cartoonish portrait of you and your loved ones.

Alternatively, you can simply have them paint from a picture that you’ve left them while you grab a coffee. Or even opt for a painting of a famous Barcelona landmark as a keepsake.

If you pick the right artist, the level can be surprisingly high.

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Human Statues on Las Ramblas

The area dedicated to human statues is in the final stretch of the Rambla, near the statue of Columbus.

Though an annoyance to some, this craft requires remarkably accurate make-up and costumes that can require hours of preparation. The artists must then remain in a frozen, often uncomfortable position for a long period of time.

For this reason, they are able to intrigue and seduce the public in order to transport them to another time.

You’ll likely come across historical characters such as Galileo with his telescope in hand or an assortment of spooky characters who remain motionless for hours, interrupted only to interact with the public. 

By putting a coin in their hat, you’ll be able to take a picture with children and adults.

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The Rambla human statues once had the freedom to carry out their craft where ever they wanted. However, a 2019 municipal ordinance confined them to the Rambla Santa Monica area.

Here there are 12 ‘stations’ available in both morning (9:00 am – 4:00 pm) and evening (4:00 pm – 11:00 pm) shifts.

As a result, the number of statues has decreased, with the 12 available positions often not fully occupied. Thus many of the Las Ramblas street artists have had to reinvent themselves or move elsewhere in the city.

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Still Looking for Las Ramblas Street Artists?

That wraps up my look at the artists on La Rambla.

If you’re staying in the area and looking for food recommendations, be sure to take a look at my article on where to eat near the Rambla.

Enjoy the street artists on Las Ramblas! 🧑‍🎨

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