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14 Best Museums in Barcelona: 2024 Barcelona Museum Guide


The best museums in Barcelona offer a great escape from the heat and the beer.

Whether you’re looking for classic artists, modern art, history, science, or even chocolate or sex, Barcelona museums offer it all.

Let’s find the top Barcelona museum for you!

Best Museums in Barcelona: Must See Barcelona Museums

With so many Barcelona museums, it’s hard to choose, but here are my top 13 – keeping variety in mind.

Remember: all of these museums can be discounted up to 20% or included free in many Barcelona travel passes. I’ve included a little discount section below on how to save money.

Make sure you book your museum tickets online using the buttons to avoid lineups.

tourists looking at picasso paintings in the born barcelona

The Picasso Museum

With more than 3500 pieces of art and one of the most important Picasso collections in the world, this is easily the best museum in Barcelona.

Among the most famous works of art here are the Arlecchino, Margot, and El Loco.

For more information, be sure to check out my article on the Picasso Museum Barcelona, where you can even get your hands on a magnificent Picasso Museum guided tour in English.

Tour prices: €35.00 for adults, €23.00 for children (0-17).

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mirror and light room at the moco barcelona

MOCO Museum

My favourite of my list of things to do in Barcelona when it rains – if you’re looking to keep abreast of what’s happening in Barcelona’s modern art scene, I’d recommend a stop at the MOCO Museum, a short walk from the Picasso Museum.

This relative newcomer to the Barcelona Museum scene is a must-visit destination for lovers of modern and contemporary art.

The museum opened its doors in 2021 and has since been showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting artists of our time. The museum aims to make contemporary art accessible to everyone and to create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

Banksy and Warhol are two of the most famous names in contemporary art, and the MOCO Museum has a special exhibit dedicated to their work. And you’ll also find a range of interactive installations that allow visitors to engage with the artwork in a unique way.

Prices: €17.95 for adults, €12.95 & youth (10-17), and free for children (0-6).

Moco Museum Barcelona
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towers of the passion facade of la sagrada familia in barcelona spain

Museu del Temple Expiatori (Sagrada Familia)

It would be a shame not to understand the intricacies of Antoni Gaudi‘s genius, found in every detail of the world’s most amazing cathedral, Sagrada Familia.

What most people don’t know is their tickets come with access to one of the best museums in Barcelona.

Highlights are the 3-D models of the church’s main features, something Gaudi preferred to drawings. There are also great photos of 90+ years of construction. Through a window in the museum, you’ll fittingly look down on Gaudi’s tomb.

It’s a bit hidden downstairs on the opposite end of the main entrance, but outside of Tiqets educated English guided tour, it’s the only way you’ll truly get it.

Prices: €33.80+ depending on the ticket.

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Want to unlock the symbolism of Sagrada Familia? Book one of the best Sagrada Familia tours.

🧑‍🎨 Want more of Gaudi? Unlock his masterpieces with the top Gaudi tours in Barcelona.

a contemporary art exhibition at the macba in barcelona

MACBA Contemporary Art Museum

The lego-like confines of the Barcelona art museum house over 5000 works of art from some of the world’s most celebrated artists like Antoni Tapies, Cristina Iglesias, Xavier Miserachs, Öyvind Fahlström, and more.

Throughout the building, you’ll find spaces dedicated to photography, painting, and sculpture. With a variety of constantly changing exhibitions, you’ll be able to come back again and again.

Apart from being another well-known contemporary art museum in Barcelona, it’s well known for hosting a ton of skaters and break dancers in the outside square, which naturally attracts some of the best street art in the city.

Prices: €11.40

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the entrance to the camp nou experience museum

The Camp Nou Experience

This is one of the best museums in Barcelona, especially for its sheer amount of trophies – found at the world’s second-biggest association football stadium, Camp Nou .

The football museum itself traces Barcelona FC’s triumphs, including multiple Champions League trophies, the Golden Boots of the Messi Room, and an interactive space to play around in or stand in awe.

Then you get to tour the stadium. From walking out of the player’s tunnels onto the pitch to fooling around in the visitor’s dressing room to interviewing in the announcer’s booth, you’ll be a millionaire footballer for a day for the price of a paella.

Prices: €28.00 for adults, €21.00 for seniors and children, €20.00 for students

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guests looking at an art exhibition at the cccb museum in barcelona

The CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània Barcelona)

Those with a passion for all types of culture will feel in their element here.

I fell in love with this cultural museum last year during the very impressive World Press Photo exhibition – all the best photos of the past year were blown up in super high quality and put on display. There was also a very impressive exhibition about the future of our species called Humans.

The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona isn’t just a space for its travelling exhibitions. It’s a creative space and a place to investigate, expose, and debate important contemporary issues.

Prices: €6.00 for adults, €4.00 for seniors and under 25, kids under 12 free.

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The Fundació Joan Miró

Set foot in this Barcelona art museum and feel the ghost of surrealism follow you to every corner. 

To understand Joan Mirò and his approach to the arts, all you have to do is read a mantra found in his paintings: “Conquering freedom means conquering simplicity. In the end, one line or even one colour can make a painting.”

The Joan Mirò Foundation opened in 1975 not only to display the works of the man himself but also as a discussion, inspiration, and exhibition space for future Barcelona artists.

The museum collection of paintings, designs, drafts, and sculptures is one of the most comprehensive Mirò collections in the world and covers virtually every second of his artistic life.

Prices: €8.00 for adults, €5.00 for students and seniors (65+), and free under 14.

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national museum of catalan art view from outside with traffic

MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya)

You’ll find the MNAC in one of the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona, the Palacio Nacional, built for the Barcelona World’s Fair in 1929 and situated just above Barcelona’s Magic Fountain.

Starting from the main room (that looks like some crazy Renaissance living room), the museum is divided into 7 rooms, each dedicated to a different period: there’s the Gothic room, the Baroque and Renaissance rooms, one room dedicated to photography, and another to coins.

guide in front of the kissing mural on a barcelona free tour guide in front of the kissing mural on a barcelona free tour
Take a Two-Hour Walking Tour – For Free!

What makes the MNAC one of the most famous museums in the world, though, is the Medieval and Romanticism room that holds sculptures and paintings from the 11th to 13th centuries.

A bonus? The amazing bar with a terrace with some of the most spectacular views of Barcelona.

Prices: €12.00 for adults, free for seniors (65+) and children under 15

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amused guests looking at an exhibition at the erotic museum of barcelona

Erotica Museum

Although pretty small (the whole visit won’t take you more than 1 hour), this Barcelona museum’s curated collection provides insights into the intersections of art, culture, and sexuality, making it an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

It’s not your average museum stroll – here, you can giggle at naughty postcards, marvel at cheeky caricatures, and maybe even discover that your great-great-grandparents had a wilder side. It’s an artful blend of cultural curiosity and a playful peek behind the bedroom door.

Prices: €13.50 for adults, €11.00 for students

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Cosmo Caixa

Among Barcelona museums, this is the most popular when visiting Barcelona with kids. The truth is, though, that any adult with the slightest interest in science will love the opportunities here to learn science in a fun way.

This science museum offers a multitude of interactive exhibitions: the one that stood out for me was the Toca Toca (‘Touch Touch’), where you can touch reconstructions of a variety of natural habitats with your bare hands, learning to understand and respect them.

Then there’s the Bosque Inundado (‘Inundated Forest’), that’s the recreation of a rain forest complete with rain storms falling from above. You also can’t miss the Planetarium, a space dedicated to the observation of the sky, stars, and planets.

Prices: €5.00

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chocolate broken in pieces at the museum of chocolate in barcelona

The Museum of Chocolate

Among the best museums in Barcelona, the Chocolate Museum is a must-visit destination for chocolate lovers.

Located in the heart of the city, it showcases the evolution of chocolate from its ancient origins to its significance in European culture. Visitors can explore various exhibits, including chocolate sculptures, historical artifacts, and interactive displays that detail the chocolate-making process.

One of the highlights is the chocolate workshop where visitors can learn to make their own chocolate creations under the guidance of expert chocolatiers.

Needles to say, tasting is part of this delightful experince.

Prices: €5.70

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MUHBA – Museo de Historia de Barcelona

The Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA) offers a captivating journey through the city’s rich history, spanning over 2,000 years.

This top Barcelona museum it’s unique becasue it is distributed over 20 different historic sites across Barcelona

It offers a comprehensive portrayal of Barcelona’s past, exploring aspects like Roman settlements, medieval architecture, maritime trade, and urban development.

For more info and a full list of the site:

MUHBA Full Site List
Get more info
guests looking at an exhibition at the maritime museum in barcelona

Museu Marítim de Barcelona

Barcelona has been one of the Mediterranean’s most important port cities for centuries, so it’s only natural that the Catalan capital has its very own museum dedicated to the city’s seafaring past.

This Barcelona museum is housed in the historic Royal Shipyards of Barcelona and features exhibits on navigation, shipbuilding, and maritime trade. Of note to history lovers, the museum has an exhibit dedicated to the Spanish Civil War, which provides an insight into the role that Barcelona played during the war.

Other highlights include a full-blown replica of a 16th-century galley ship and a section dedicated to navigation, where visitors can also learn about the different methods of navigation used throughout history.

Prices: €10.00 for adults, €5.00 for students and youth (7-16).

Maritime Museum
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🚌 Heading to Barcelona for museums? Make sure you know how to get around Barcelona on public transport first.

The Barcelona Pavilion

To tell you the truth, I’d never heard of this pavilion; in fact, as soon as I arrived at the museum, I went right through the entrance without even buying a ticket until an old woman seated on a stool asked me to buy a ticket.

This building was built by legendary architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as the German Pavilion for the Barcelona World’s Fair in 1929.

It’s a very important building in the history of modern Barcelona architecture and is famous for its ‘spectacular minimalism‘ and use of extravagant materials like onyx, red marble, and travertine.

Prices: adults €8.00, students & unemployed €4.00, children under 16 free.

Barcelona Pavilion
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a spread of modern tapas at season restaurant in barcelona spain a spread of modern tapas at season restaurant in barcelona spain
Get €8.00 off a gourmet tasting menu at Barcelona’s best tapas bar.

Barcelona Museum Discounts

Articket BCN

This Barcelona museum pass can save 44% on entrance to 6 museums. It also allows you to skip lines at ticket windows. If you’re thinking of visiting three or more of these top museums, it’ll pay for itself.

Just print out your voucher and redeem it for a cool passport and see how many you can get stamped. Included in the €38.00 price tag are the following:

  • Picasso Museum
  • Fundació Joan Miró
  • Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
  • The CCCB
  • Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Children under 16 can join for free as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

This Barcelona Museum pass is found at Tiquets by clicking the button below.

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The Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card is a tourist discount pass that includes unlimited Barcelona public transport, a return airport connection and more than 85 discounts at many of Barcelona’s most famous attractions.

You’ll also get free entrance to 25 museums, including the CCCB, MACBA, the Picasso Museum, Cosmo Caixa, the Fundació Joan Miró, and the MNAC. On top of this, you’ll take advantage of discounts on Barcelona shopping, Barcelona’s best restaurants, and some of the best flamenco shows in Barcelona.

Ticket options range from 72-hour to 120-hour passes (€49.50 – €69.30).

You’ll save 10% by buying online from the official Barcelona Tourism Office by clicking the button below.

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Still not sure? Check out the full list of discounts.

The Barcelona Pass

The city’s new tourist discount card: it’s almost a given if you’re planning to visit museums at the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. It also gives you a ride on the super informative and convenient Bus Turistic.

The best part? You’re given 10% off vouchers for almost your entire Barcelona itinerary, including some of the best museums in Barcelona:

  • Picasso Museum (and tour options)
  • The Camp Nou Experience
  • Catalan National Art Museum (MNAC)
  • Modernism Museum
  • Wax Museum

In addition, you’ll get 10% off guided tours, excursions, shows, nightlife and more. And you’ll skip lines doing it.

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Barcelona Museum Map

Best Museums in Barcelona FAQ

What are the top museums in Barcelona?

The best museums in Barcelona include the Picasso Museum, the MOCO, the Joan Miró Foundation, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.

What is the most visited museum in Barcelona?

The most visited museum in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum, showcasing the extensive works of Pablo Picasso.

What is considered one of Barcelona’s most unique museums?

Barcelona’s most unique museum is the Chocolate Museum, with its immersive exhibits detailing the history and production of chocolate.

What are the hidden museums in Barcelona?

Among Barcelona’s hidden gem museums is the Maritime Museum, tucked away in the Gothic Quarter, offering a fascinating exploration of the city’s maritime history.

What are the best art museums in Barcelona?

The best art museum in Barcelona is the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) with its impressive collection of Catalan art spanning various periods.

What are the top history museums in Barcelona?

The top history museum in Barcelona is the Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA) providing a comprehensive journey through Barcelona’s past, featuring archaeological remains and exhibits.

What is the best museum in Barcelona for kids?

The best museum in Barcelona for kids is the CosmoCaixa museum, offering interactive science exhibits, a planetarium, and a flood forest.

Top Museums in Barcelona Roundup

I put a lot of work into this list of museums in Barcelona, but am I missing something crucial? Please get at me with any Barcelona museum questions in the comments below.

And as always, do get back to me here, on Facebook, on Instagram, or anywhere else for custom Barcelona advice!

Let me know what your favorite museum in Barcelona is 🖼️

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      Hola Jennifer, I have only been to the one at Poble Espanyol which I found quite compelling but at the same time small/quick. From what I've heard the MEAM will probably offer more. That said... why not consider MACBA? This would be the one most likely to appeal to teenagers as it's got a massive young/college following. Cheers, Ash
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    Is there a free entrance for Picasso Museum with a student card? I've searched from the official website and there is no free student ticket available.
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