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3 Houses of Gaudí in One Ticket (+10% Discount Pass)


The 3 Houses of Gaudi: Casa Batllò, La Pedrera, and Palau Guell.

They make up three of the top attractions in Barcelona so when you’re visiting these aren’t just suggestions – they’re three cultural can’t-misses that tell the tale of a city and an architectural genius.

Yes, booking all three can be a clumsy maze of clicks and credit cards but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a time-saving ticket to get it done hassle-free – and save money.

The 3 Houses of Gaudí: What’s Included

Each Three Houses of Gaudi ticket includes the following:

You also get a digital discount code giving you 10% off most major attractions like:

The 3 Houses of Gaudí Options + Prices

You get this Barcelona tourist pass via Tiqets (blue button below).

  • Adults: €77.00
  • Senior (65+): €78.00
  • Student (12-25): €71.00
  • Child (13-17): €59.00
  • Child (11-12): €24.00
  • Child (7-10): €17.00
  • Child (0-6): Free
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Why Buy with Tiquets and Barcelona Hacks?

  • There are no commissions
  • The 10% discount is the highest across-the-board offer online
  • It helps cover time and expenses I dedicate to this blog

Advantages of the 3 Houses of Gaudí pass

You Save Money

Some math: the tickets included in the 3 Houses of Gaudi pass include Casa Batlló (€35.00), Casa Milá (€25.00), and Palau Guell (€12.00) for a total of €72.00 each.

Add in the Barcelona city tour app with a €10.00 value and we’re suddenly ‘up’ on the purchase.

But wait.

If we use the 10% digital discount card for just one attraction, saving €3.16 at must-see Sagrada Familia for example, we start piling on the savings.

Add in an Hola BCN transport card, a flamenco show, the Picasso Museum, an amusement park pass, or anything else on the long list of discounts and the savings really add up.

You Can Guarantee Spots During Times of Low Availability

If you’re booking your 3 Houses of Gaudi pass during times of low availability you’ll be given booking priority right away in the checkout process. This also applies to people booking the pass within one or two days of their arrival.

In other words, this is the only place you’ll be able to lock in times for all three of these masterpieces in the same booking window – allowing you to coordinate the visits (they’re very close to one another) so the trip goes off without a hitch.

You Won’t Wait in Lines

OK, so saving €6.16 might not be the biggest deal to some but what is your time worth?

It should be noted that especially in summer these attraction entrances can have lines lasting hours.

With the 3 Houses of Gaudí pass you’ll get skip the line access at all three houses.

Also, for all the bookings made using your personal digital discount code you’ll also have the advantage of skipping lines and not having to wait in the scorching sun.

If your time is worth €20.00 an hour (conservatively) we’re way into savings now.

There’s Nothing to Pick Up

Unlike other Barcelona discount cards you’ll benefit from the 3 Houses of Gaudí pass being all digital.

That way you won’t have to worry about picking anything up during rigid office hours, printing out tickets, or even losing them.

Just show the tickets on your phone: easy as.

a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain
Get a paella tasting menu at the legendary Bodega Joan!

How to Use the 3 Houses of Gaudí Pass

You can buy and get your 3 Houses of Gaudí pass up and running using the following steps:

  • Enter the Tiqets 3 Houses of Gaudí page
  • Click the purple ‘book now’ button
  • Choose the # of passes and arrival date
  • Select your attraction visit times (only if during low availability or imminent arrival)
  • Click ‘go to the next step’ to get to the payment page
  • Fill out your payment details
  • Check your email for your receipt and tickets (will be sent within 1-3 minutes!)
  • Here you also receive your 10% discount code with links to websites to redeem them
  • Now you’ll be able to select your times at the attractions

Still having troubles? Get at me in the comments below.

Gaudi Discount Pass FAQ

Why am I inserting an arrival date?

You’re specifying your arrival date for two reasons.

Number one, it sets the first day possible to visit Palau Guell with your open ticket – which is valid for six months from your stated arrival date.

Number two, it locks in the validity of your 10% discount code. You’ll be able to use it from the second you get it (emailed at purchase) until five days after this stated arrival date.

Naturally, this is to avoid somebody dishonestly taking advantage of this discount forever – not that we’re insinuating you would!

What’s included in the audio guide?

The downloadable app contains high quality visuals, descriptions, and audio commentary on over 100 of Barcelona’s main sights. It also includes walking and public transport itineraries and is available with offline/interactive digital maps.

It’s available in six languages including English.

Do I have to pick anything up?

No, all tickets and discount codes are done online.

Do I absolutely have to select my visiting dates for Casa Batlló and Casa Milá?

Yes, whether you buy with the pass or individually these dates need to be selected in order to avoid the long queues associated with walk up tickets – also, during COVID times many attractions have closed their ticket windows outright so this is mandatory.

For other attractions that require a date and time, can I select whatever I want?


I received the booking confirmation but didn’t get the tickets, what do I do?

Tiqets promises to have all tickets emailed within 24 hours so if less than 24 hours have passed you’ll simply have to wait.

In the odd case they don’t arrive within this period write to [email protected] with your booking number.

How long can I use the discount?

The discount is valid from the second you buy the pass until 5 days after your indicated arrival.

Can I use the discount code on any website?

No, discount codes can only be used through the links you’ll be provided in the email.

Can I use the discount code at ticket windows?


Do I have to visit all the attractions within 5 days of my arrival?

No, attractions can be visited at any time as long as tickets are purchased within 5 days of arrival.

Am I gonna save money with the 3 Houses of Gaudí pass?

If you use it to book one additional attraction using the 10% discount, yes.

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