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Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre: Fast & Cheap


Let’s cut to the chase, the trip from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre isn’t a short one.

The downside of travelling to Barcelona’s second airport is that it’s located 64 miles from Barcelona’s city centre. In fact, the 1-hour 20-minute trip is almost as long as a flight from many major European cities!

You didn’t think your holiday would be all sun and sangria, did you? That said, getting from Girona Airport to Barcelona isn’t difficult if you’ve got the right information. And that’s where I come in!

Let’s get you into Barcelona, shall we?

⚠️  Warning ⚠️: Barcelona’s top two attractions must now be booked in advance.

You can book fast track tickets to both individually or get them as part of a discount pass:

You will not be able to book these tickets on site – lock in your tickets ASAP or you could miss out.

Girona Aeroport to Barcelona Index

1 – Bus transfer from Girona Airport
2 – Trains to Barcelona
3 – Private transfers (groups)
4 – Taxi to Barcelona
5 – Car hire
6 – Bus transfer from Barcelona
7 – Trains to Girona
8 – Taxi to Girona
9 – Why Girona?

Girona Airport to Barcelona

bus from reus airport to barcelona city centre

Bus from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

The only direct option from Girona Airport to Barcelona is the Girona airport bus run by Sagales (also called the Barcelona Bus).

A one-way ticket costs €20.00 (round-trip bought individually for €40.00). 

You can get the tickets directly at the airport after lining up in the terminal, but it’s strongly recommended to book in advance because it guarantees your seat on the bus associated with your flight.

If you don’t, you may end up waiting for the next one.

You can buy your Girona Barcelona bus tickets in advance online using the button below:

Guarantee your seat now!

Looking for a return ticket? You can get a two-way ticket plus a free Barcelona city audio guide app for €37.00.

Being €3.00 cheaper than buying individually, and getting the amazing guide, this is the best value ticket:

Guarantee your seat now!

Girona Airport Bus Hours

There is a bus for every flight, but to make sure, you can double-check the times. The main bus is the 604 – for more info on times, you can download the Barcelona-Girona 604 timetable pdf.

  • Children under 4 can take the Sagales airport bus for free as long as they’re carried in the arms of their parents – children over 5 must pay regular seat prices.

For more information, you can speak to their English-speaking operator at +34 90 213 0014.

train from barcelona city center to reus station

Girona Airport Train to Barcelona

Unfortunately, there is no direct train.

What you can do is take a taxi (about €30.00) or city bus 605 into central Girona and hop on a Barcelona-bound train at Riudellots Station. The train stops at all major Barcelona stops like Passeig de Gracia, Sants Estacio etc.

This is only recommended if you’re interested in checking out Girona.

From the Girona train station, you can easily reach the picturesque historic centre. There you have the ever-interesting Cinema Museum, a fascinating Jewish Quarter, and the historic Monastery Sant Pere de Rodes.

Regional trains from Girona to Barcelona can take up to 2 hours while high-speed AVE trains take only 39 minutes – prices range from €8.40 – €52.80.

Extra info: Girona Airport Train to Barcelona City timetables.

private transfer from reus airport to barcelona city centre

Girona Airport to Barcelona Private Transfer

If you’re travelling to Barcelona or vice versa with a group of 12 or more people, it’s a wise choice to book a private transfer service that will take you from the terminal to your accommodation.

I suggest grabbing a quote on the Suntransfer website for the best prices.

An example: if there are 8 adults, 3 children, and 1 infant, the cost of a transfer from Girona airport to central Barcelona and vice versa costs around €220.00 (€18.00 pp each way).

Suntransfer also has car seats for kids up to 4.

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taxi in the city centre of barcelona going to reus airport

Taxi from Girona Airport to Central Barcelona

Getting a Barcelona taxi is the most expensive and quickest option. The 90 km journey using Plaça de Catalunya as an endpoint will take about 65 minutes under optimal traffic conditions.

The estimated taxi fare is €140.00.

If you’re travelling in a big group, this is certainly an option. Also, if you’re staying in the northwest of the city (closer to Girona), it’ll be a bit cheaper, so that’s something to consider.

Otherwise, unless you’re made of money, I suggest using the cash at one of Barcelona’s best restaurants instead.

Get Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, and a 10% Discount Card!

Car Hire

Like most Barcelona airports, you’ll find car hire options at Girona.

This is a great option for those wanting to explore those only-reachable-by-car portions of the Costa Brava. If you’re heading directly into transport-friendly Barcelona, however, this is far from ideal.

6 rental companies are stationed at Girona Airport, and you can find more information here.

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Barcelona to Girona Airport

barcelona bus to reus airport with palm trees at station

Bus from Barcelona to Girona Airport

The Girona airport bus leaves Barcelona from the Estaciò del Norte bus station – a few meters from Arc de Triomf metro station (red line L1). It’s about a 10-minute walk from anywhere in the Born neighbourhood.

Go into the station and watch the departure boards – the bus will be either Sagales or Barcelona Bus.

Buses usually depart from bays 28 and 29.

The journey takes about 75 minutes.

A one-way ticket costs €20.00.

It’s strongly recommended to buy your tickets online in advance to avoid fighting for limited bus spots at the bus terminal. Having your ticket already on your phone is super convenient and ensures you get your seat.

Tourists usually buy their Girona airport bus tickets at Tiqets:

Guarantee your seat now!

Like the transfer into the city, there is also an outgoing bus corresponding with every departure.

If you’ve been informed that your flight is delayed, don’t worry, you’ll be able to redeem your same tickets for a later date without any hassle in changing it up.

train from reus airport to barcelona city centre

Train from Barcelona to Girona Airport

There is no direct train from Barcelona to Girona airport – this means you’ll need to take a train to the city of Girona and then organize secondary transport to the airport.

This is only recommended if you’re interested in seeing the city of Girona.

Both Regional and High-Speed AVE trains are available for Barcelona to Girona – the high-speed trains (taking about 40 minutes) must be caught from Sants Estacio while regional trains (taking upwards of 2 hours) can be caught at other major Barcelona stations.

AVE trains can be reserved online in advance, while the Regional trains must be bought at the station.

Prices range from €8.40 – €52.80.

Train timetables can be found here.

a tourist makes paella at a cooking workshop in barcelona a client participates in a paella cooking class in barcelona
Reserve your apron at Barcelona’s five star paella cooking class with no money down.

Taxi from Barcelona Downtown to Girona Airport

The same rules apply here as the original trip to Barcelona.

The 90 km journey using Plaça de Catalunya as a starting point takes about 65 minutes under optimal traffic conditions – but make sure you leave some time for the unforeseen.

If you’re leaving from Barcelona to Girona Airport for a flight during peak traffic hours, book your taxi about 3.5 hours before takeoff.

One more option that will save you time is to take Spain’s Uber-like taxi service, Free Now. The estimated price from Plaça de Catalunya is about €125.00.

The best part of all? Signing up through my portal gives you an automatic €5.00 discount on your first trip.

a plane taxis at dawn at girona airport near barcelona

Why Fly into Girona Airport?

If given the choice, it’s always best to fly into Barcelona’s El Prat airport – it’s much closer to the city centre and Barcelona’s top things to do, and there are way more airport transfer options.

I only suggest using Girona Airport to Barcelona in the following situations:

  • You’re going to the Costa Brava first.
  • Seeing Girona is an important part of your Barcelona holiday itinerary.
  • You get a great deal on a flight (return transport from Girona itself runs about €30.00).
  • It’s your only option.

🚌 Heading to Barcelona? Make sure you know how to get around Barcelona on public transport first.

Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre FAQs

How far is Girona Airport from Barcelona City Centre?

Girona Airport is 103 km (or 64 miles) away from Barcelona City Centre. So, all in all, it will take most travellers 70-90 minutes to complete the journey, depending on their method of transport.

Can I take a train from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre?

Unfortunately, no. While there is a train from Girona to Barcelona, there is no direct connection between the airport and Barcelona’s city centre. Thus, you will have to take a taxi into Girona’s city centre and book a train separately.

What are my transportation options from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre?

You can take a bus, taxi, or private shuttle to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre. Unfortunately, there is no direct train service to Barcelona from the airport.

Which is the cheapest way to travel from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre?

The Sagales (or Barcelona Bus) is the cheapest way to travel from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre. A one-way bus ticket from Girona Airport to BCN will set you back €20.00, with a round-trip costing €40.00.

You can also grab a return ticket + Barcelona audio app guide for €37.00

How long does it take to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre by bus?

It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre by bus.

a tourist holds 3 barcelona discount passes in front of the arc de triomf in barcelona spain a tourist holds 3 barcelona discount passes in front of the arc de triomf in barcelona spain
Get a Barcelona tourist discount pass and save money + time.

Coming to Barcelona from Girona Airport?

If you’re still having some doubts about your trip into Barcelona, then make sure to get at me below with your flight time, budget, and special requests – we’ll find you that perfect transfer!

And for those who have already taken the trip, your comments would be much appreciated to help me make the blog better. After all, you’re my first line of defence. Be it about getting from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre or anything else Barcelona-related.

Happy travels✈️

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    Hiya, how long does it take to get through Girona airport normally? We land at 15.25 so wondering if we'll make the 16.00hrs bus!!
  • December 26, 2018 at 11:32 am
    Hello! Good day! Can I buy a ticket for one day on the website or directly on the spot, and if I want to continue on the second day to pay extra on the spot?
  • January 23, 2018 at 3:39 pm
    Hello, Will the bus wait for us if the plane haves a delay ? Our plane should arrive at 22:50 and the last bus is at 23:15 and I'm afraid that maybe we will not catch it. Will the bus wait for us ? Thank you !
    • January 24, 2018 at 3:09 am
      Team Member
      Hi Paul, To my knowledge that bus will be timed with your flight so if there are any small delays it will wait accordingly, not to worry! Ash
      • June 27, 2023 at 1:52 am
        hi, just wondering if this is still the case as we arrive at 5:30 and the best bus would be the 6 do you think that should work out? Thanks, Maya
        • June 27, 2023 at 10:40 am
          Team Member
          Hi Maya... the buses are timed to arrive with planes so you should be good. It's a relatively small airport and if you're flying from EU there is very little customs hoopla. Should be fine :)
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