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Where to Eat on La Rambla Barcelona


It’s the most famous street in Barcelona, but figuring out where to eat on La Rambla could be a gamble for a thousand reasons.

First of all, it’s a mine field of low quality tourist trap restaurants with frozen food and bagged sangria (yeah, I know).

That said, these best restaurants on La Rambla are trying to buck the trend – so let’s take a look.

catalan food traditions and where to eat them in barcelona

The Best Places to Eat on La Rambla Barcelona

Eating is one of the best things to do on La Rambla.

My first first piece of advice: the simplest thing you can do in order to avoid having a horrible lunch or dinner on La Rambla is to go to La Boqueria Market.

It’s about half way down the street on the right side if you’re going downhill from Plaça d’Espanya.

Here, market fresh ingredients are cooked at some of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona to give you the ultimate food experience.

That said, if you’re looking for more of a sit down place here’s tips on where to eat on La Rambla in Barcelona:

Louro: the best restaurant located right on the La Rambla, it’s literally the only one I recommend that overlooks the street. It was born with the idea of ​​combining the Galician culinary tradition with an avant-garde and creative cuisine. It offers both fish and meat dishes, all of the highest quality. You can book your table in advance here:

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Bar Clemen’s Boqueria: one of the best restaurants to eat inside Boqueria Market, hands down. They specialize in Catalan seafood dishes and fish tapas, as fresh as you can get. It’s a chaotic market environment but the service is so damn good you’ll forget about it. Ideal for lunch.

Bar Quiosc Modern: Quiosc Modern is a grill show of sorts, the type of place you go to hear fresh market fish sizzle on open flames. Here you can eat Galician octopus, grilled fish, sausages, and grilled meat but also the classic tapas such as patatas bravas, pimiento del padron, and other local delicacies. Also a great beer spot.

La Fonda: located 200 meters from the Rambla in Carrer Escudellers 10, la Fonda is a historic restaurant in Barcelona, ​​famous for being one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. Its dishes blend tradition, modernity, and a touch of the Orient. You will also find excellent tapas, some classic and some revised.

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Matsuki Sushi: if you’re looking for places to eat on La Rambla but sick of Spanish food then this sushi bar is located in Carrer del Carme 16, a side street of the Rambla. Here at lunch they do all you can eat for €12.98. It’s one of my favorite sushi spots, though don’t expect a ton of nigiri variety.

Still Looking for the Best Places to Eat on Las Ramblas?

I’m only human so it’s possible I’ve missed something here.

If you need any custom Las Ramblas restaurant advice or anything else related to visiting Barcelona – write me in the comments below!

Enjoy! 🥘

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