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Is the Barcelona Card Worth it? Breaking Down the Cost


Whether or not the Barcelona Card is worth it is a difficult question to answer.

In truth, the answer is like many travel-related questions: it depends on your specific circumstances and what you want to see and do in Barcelona.

However, I’m gonna try to list the cases in which I think it’s a wise investment – and when it’s not.

Is It Worth Getting a Barcelona Card?

The Barcelona Card is worth the cost if:

  • You are going to visit more than one of the best museums in Barcelona included for free with the card.
  • You intend to get around using public transport (unlimited transport is included) at least 3 times a day.
  • You want to visit other discounted attractions with the card (see: Barcelona Card discount list).
  • It is your second visit to the city and you want to see a particular attraction (Moco Museum, Miró Foundation, the Botanical Gardens, Cosmo Caixa, etc.)
  • You are passionate about art.

Conversely, the card is NOT worth it if:

  • You are a student, as you can already take advantage of numerous discounts at museums and attractions.
  • You plan to stay less than 72 hours. In this case, you’d be better off checking out the Barcelona Card Express, which lasts 48 hours and is slightly cheaper (though not all benefits are included).

You can buy the Barcelona Card online with a 10% discount on the Barcelona Turisme website:

Save 10% on my ticket

Interested in understanding the differences between Barcelona tourist passes? Click the previous link, or fire away in the comments below.

Enjoy your Barcelona Card 😃

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