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Moco Museum Barcelona: The City’s Trendiest Museum


If you’re a fan of modern art, street art, and photography then the Moco Museum Barcelona should be right up your alley.

Here you’ll discover famous works by Banksy, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Lachapelle, Dali, Kaws, and more.

Let’s take a deeper look into the Barcelona Moco Museum.

Where to Buy Moco Museum Barcelona Tickets

Looking to get right into it?

Here’s some quick info on guaranteeing your spot at this often sold out attraction.

To avoid lining up at the ticket office, we advise you to buy your ticket online.

Included in the ticket is the free audio guide that opens on your mobile phone via a QR code that you will find at the museum entrance.

Remember to bring headphones or earphones!

Moco Museum Barcelona
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Moco Museum Barcelona Prices

Let’s take a look at the prices for single admission tickets:

Moco MuseumPrice
Students and youth (10-17 years)€9.50
Seniors (65+)€14.00
Disabled people and carers€14.00
Children (0-9 years)Free

Students must present valid student ID.

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Moco Museum Opening Hours

The museum is open 365 days a year so you really have no excuse not to visit!

Here are the hours:

Moco MuseumHours
From Monday to Thursday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
From Friday to Sunday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
January 1st11:00 am – 9:00 pm
24-25-31 December10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Information on the Moco: Headquarters, Entrance, and Other Curiosities

The Moco Museum Barcelona (MOCO meaning Modern & Contemporary Art), sister museum to the one in Amsterdam, is an independent museum born from the deep passions of collectors Kim and Lionel Logshies.

Their goal was to bring a very young audience closer to art, activating the imagination, and challenging the rules of the world in which we live.

Given the enormous success of this museum (more than 2 million visitors from 120 countries in the first year of opening) it’s hard to say they haven’t succeeded.

quotes on the wall at the moco museum barcelona

The Moco Museum Location: The Emblematic Palau de Cervelló

In all honestly, some of the success is due to the location of its headquarters: right in the heart of the Born district, just a stone’s throw from the next to Picasso Museum.

It’s inside the Palau de Cervelló, a beautiful building built in the fifteenth century as a residence of noble families. Here, the ancient architecture of the palace and modern art are perfectly synthesized.

Studio Pulsen has been able to recover the sumptuous spirit of the building, adapting it to the needs of a modern exhibition space.

The effect of the restoration is in itself an artistic concept: a Gothic body with large semicircular arches, wooden roofs, cantilevered balconies over the rooms, and a stunning courtyard integrated into the exhibition itinerary.

a flamenco dancer takes a dance step in barcelona spain two flamenco dancers take a dance step in barcelona spain
See a tear-jerking Barcelona flamenco show from €16.00.

The Palau de Cervelló receives visitors with an imposing Gothic façade, but we soon discover the mix of styles that shows a grand and colorful history that spans centuries.

Having transformed Palau de Cervelló into a public art space, after having been a place characterized by exclusivity, perfectly represents the museum’s philosophy of inclusiveness.

The Moco Museum Entrance: Welcome to Moco!

In entering the Palau de Cervelló we find the enormous Kaws sculpture titled Final Days, carved in afrormosia, a historic African wood known for spiritual energy.

It is one of the artist’s latest creations and one of the largest: it weighs 10 tons and is 6 meters tall!

A hybrid between a smurf and Mickey Mouse, it’s the artist’s most famous character, even if the way in which it welcomes the visitor with open arms is a bit Frankensteiny.

Welcoming us at the entrance, right in front of the ticket office, we find another surprise: Rubik James Bond Girl by the French artist Invaders, one of the biggest stars of international street art.

It’s an ingenious three-part panel made up of Rubik’s cubes.

Rubik Cubism, a style invented by the Parisian artist, is similar to Op Art: it’s only in moving away that you actually see it.

Here, you also find the declaration of the principles of the museum.

20% of the art here is owned by the founders, the rest is on long-term loans from artists and other art collectors.

Moco Barcelona Artists & Works

The Modern Masters: Damien Hirst, Basquiat, Dali, Yayoi Kusama, and Andy Warhol

“A true artist is not the one who inspires himself, but the one who inspires others.” – Salvador Dali

The Moco Barcelona is divided into different areas displayed on two floors.

The permanent exhibition on the ground floor takes the name of Moco Masters; they are the modern masters, the big names and icons of modern art.

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guests looking at paintings at the moco in barcelona

As soon as we enter, in a glass urn we find The Immaculate Heart-Sacred by Damien Hirst, which contains the heart of a bull immersed in formaldehyde with dove’s wings and pierced by a dagger.

Intense! This is meant to represent the contrast between life and death. In the search for knowledge of the meaning of life, Hirst brings together the themes of death, art, science, and religion.

The work connects these themes and underlines the growing importance of science as a tool to answer the great unknowns of life. A hypnotic work, it was actually once part of the personal collection of George Michael.

There’s also Basquiat’s Untitled, Portrait of Steven Lack, an example of his reawakened interest in anatomy after suffering a horrible accident.

At its side the attention is drawn to the bronze sculpture Woman Aflame by Salvador Dali, with its traditional secret drawers. This monumental yet mysterious sculpture reflects beauty, hidden secrets, and longing.

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The area also features Yayoi Kusama, the iconic 90-year-old Japanese artist with a fiery red wig, who sees the whole world in polka dots, as we see in Night Of Stars.

The Moco wouldn’t be complete without some Andy Warhol or Keith Haring piece, which I’ll leave for you to discover.

Contemporary Masters Collection: David LaChapelle, Hayden Kays, Takashi Murakami, Nick Thomm, Yago Hortal

In this part of the Moco Museum Barcelona we find the icons and emerging stars of contemporary art, who inspire us to question the world and hope for a better future.

David LaChapelle and his contemporary last supper Jesus is My Homeboy is a quick standout.

Hayden Kays’ Fact was made specifically for this gallery, a text to reflect on in typewriter typefaces on a pink background, the museum’s corporate color.

tiger painting at the moco museum in barcelona

Takashi Murakami exhibits his exotic Pink River with Japanese and Western influences; in the bottom right corner Nick Thomm presents Metamorphosis 21, with psychedelic colors and a hypnotic effect.

Finally, Barcelona-born Yago Hortal with his SP123, paints giant and devastating waves made with large brushstrokes, inspired by abstract expressionism.

Works and artists on the first floor: Kaws, Irma de Vriers, Banksy, Guillermo Lorca

In the second part of the museum, on the first floor of the building, after crossing a hallway with the installation Endless Parade of the digital artist The Ghosts, we enter a room entirely dedicated to Kaws.

The first piece we find is the famous sofa with Snoopy with X Eyes, one of Kaws’ most famous works that got tons of love on Instagram from Kylie Jenner – I know, I know.

moco guests look at the works of kaws in barcelona

Man’s Best Friend is the product of an ingenious collaboration with Estudio Campana and draws its inspiration from Japan’s respect for pure craftsmanship.

With this work Brian Donnelly (Kaws’ real name, a former Disney illustrator) continues his mission to make his art (in all its forms) entertaining to the public and accessible to all.

Companion is his most famous character, a skull-shaped Mickey Mouse head with unmistakable x-shaped eyes; it’s so famous that in 2013 it replaced the “Moon Man” trophies at the MTV Music Awards.

I also loved entering the room dedicated to the talented Chilean artist Guillermo Lorca and his Splendor of the Night.

These six oil paintings mix hyperrealism with fantasy and beauty – with touches of brutality and blood.

Quadro di Guillermo Llorca

Lorca uses a blend of magic and realism to create large-scale paintings, which depict dreamlike and surreal sequences and textures, creating a power struggle between nature and humanity.

The exhibition encompasses and expresses beauty, luxury, horror, paranoia, romance, and magic all at once.

Even if Lorca’s work employs ‘antiquated’ paint brush techniques, what’s really cool here is that you can contemplate some of his works through a mobile phone or tablet, after downloading the Moco Play app via the App Store or Google Play.

The new mobile augmented reality tool really brings the works to life.

The museum also presents a selection of works by Banksy, one of the most influential artists of our times.

His exhibition (not authorized by him, of course) Laugh Now includes some of his most famous works like Girl with Balloon. Also, with Home Sweet Home an eerie writing is set against a tranquil landscape.

banksy praying portrait in the moco museum barcelona

Of note is a space dedicated to NFTs (non-fungible tokens), betting on unique and 100% encrypted digital art.

Finally, in what’s perhaps the Moco Museum’s piece de resistance by the Dutch artist Irma de Vriers, it’s mandatory to take a walk through the Diamond Matrix.

This incredible installation with thousands of illuminated diamond shapes reminds us that we are part of a greater whole and that we have more similarities than differences.

You are now very ready to face this experience that will the way you experience art forever!

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How to Get to the Moco Museum Barcelona

The Moco Barcelona is located in Carrer de Montcada 25, in the Born district.

You can get there easily by subway and bus.

The nearest metro station is the yellow line L4 Jaume I.

Buses H14, v13 and 51 instead stop at the Pla del Palau stop, a few steps from the museum.

🚌 Coming to the Moco Museum? Make sure you know how to get around Barcelona on public transport first.

Where to Eat Near the Moco Museum

El XampanyetCarrer de Montcada 22

Cozy bar offering traditional tapas, cava and wine in a local setting with informal with a lively atmosphere. There’s a bit of a line at peak hours but it’s worth it.

Euskal EtxeaPlaceta de Montcada 1

Oldest Basque Gastronomic Society in Barcelona with 40 years of history. Take a plate and choose your “pinchos” and accompany them with the typical Basque wine called Txacoli’.

Bar Bodega FlassadersJaume Sabartés square

One of the most typical Barcelona tapas bars you’ll ever see specializes in tortillas and vermouth and has tables in one of the sunniest squares on the Borne. Cheap prices too.

Can Cisa/Bar BrutalCalle dels Flassaders, 9

Sanctuary of the natural wines of the city created by the Colombo brothers. Delicious wines, delicious food, delightful surroundings. A whole experience to live. Medium-high prices.

Hoffman PastryCalle de Flassaders 44

Proclaimed the best pastry shop in Catalunya, don’t miss it!

What to Do Near the Moco Museum

Before and after the visit around the Moco Museum you are spoiled for choice on what to visit.

Nearby attractions include the unmissable Palau de la Musica Catalana, the Picasso Museum, the Mercado del Born, the Barcelona Chocolate Museum, and the church of Santa Maria del Mar.

Moco Museum FAQ

Can I change my Moco Museum visit date?

Yes, you can change your tickets up until 24 hours before your scheduled visit date.

Can I enter the museum after my intended visit time?

Yes, though there is a 15 minute grace period so after that keep in mind you could be turned away.

Is the Barcelona Moco Museum accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, there is an exclusive elevator to take guests up to the second floor.

How long to visit the Moco Museum Barcelona?

It all depends on how immersed you are with the art, but given there are no chairs/benches to sit down you’ll probably roll through it quite quickly. Expect about one hour for a typical visit.

Can I take pictures at the Barcelona Moco Museum?

Yes, of course!

Can I bring my dog to the Moco Museum?

Only permitted service dogs are allowed to enter.

Can I get any Moco Museum discounts?

While there are no discount codes available, you can get free entrance to the Moco Museum purchasing the Barcelona Card.

Ready to Visit the Moco Museum in Barcelona?

It may have been a bit long winded, but hope I’ve broken down the Moco Museum so you can get your visit going.

Any other questions regarding Barcelona? Just write me in the comments below.

Enjoy the Moco Museum 🏛️

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