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Here’s a list of articles that’ll help you organize the trip to Barcelona. Find your flight, book lodging, plan an itinerary and… get ready for take off!

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  • a group of travellers enjoys a meal on one of our Barcelona food tours.
    Ash | November 18, 2023 | 0 comments
    5 Best Food Tours in Barcelona Spain

    The best food tours in Barcelona will take you on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant streets of Catalonia’s capital. Along the way, you’ll also be dished up a healthy serving of city history – and if you want, and endless amount of wine. These hand-picked Barcelona food tours all feature Catalan flavours and modern […]

  • bubble maker in plaça de catalunya barcelona
    Ash | May 1, 2023 | 0 comments
    Plaça Catalunya Barcelona: Insider Info on the City’s Beating Heart

    Plaça Catalunya isn’t just any square. It’s our city’s beating heart and it’s where history, culture, and urban zest converge – creating an irresistible allure for travellers and locals alike. Let’s take a quick visit to Plaza Cataluña to see what makes it so enchanting. Where is Plaça de Catalunya? You’ll find Plaça de Catalunya […]

  • sagrada familia at sunset with mount tibidabo in the background
    Ash | October 3, 2023 | 0 comments
    Is Barcelona Worth Visiting? 12 Great Reasons to Visit Barcelona

    Is Barcelona worth visiting? To me, it’s almost a comical question. As a local who’s spent 12+ years here, I’ve got a long list of reasons to visit Barcelona – but you may not agree. That’s why I want to go through the reasons, so you can discover whether Barcelona is worth it or not. […]

  • contrast in barcelona architecture styles between modernisme and gothic
    Ash | November 26, 2023 | 0 comments
    Understanding Barcelona Architecture: 16 Iconic Barcelona Buildings

    Architecture in Barcelona is as unique as anywhere – just look at a list of Barcelona buildings and let your eyes do the rest. In fact, every corner of this Catalan gem tells a story, from its ancient Gothic Quarter to its modernist boulevards. In this extended guide, I’ll journey through time, exploring Barcelona architecture […]

  • a swimming cove north west of barcelona during hot weather
    Ash | October 28, 2023 | 0 comments
    Barcelona Weather in August + 5 Tips to Beat the Heat

    I don’t know you but something tells me you’re doing something good today. Number one, you’ve got time off and are thinking about Barcelona. Number two, and I apologize for sounding like I’ve spent too much time in the sun, but you’ve found one of the best guides on Barcelona weather in August 😉 Sure, some […]

  • september weather in barcelona beach
    Ash | November 28, 2023 | 2 comments
    Weather in Barcelona in September

    So, you’re about to book but don’t know what to expect from the weather in Barcelona in September. What if it rains? What if it’s too hot? Can I really pack those bright pink Speedos? All is to be answered in my all-inclusive guide that’ll show you what to expect in the sky, how to […]

  • plaza george orwell during good october weather barcelona
    Ash | June 2, 2023 | 8 comments
    Weather in Barcelona in October

    Fact: Barcelona spoils residents and tourists alike with its humid subtropical climate. But at what time of year do we knock off the beach tourism and focus on the cultural offerings? Simply put, the weather in Barcelona in October can be tricky. You may not know what to go for so make sure you come prepared […]

  • barcelona weather system moving in on the city from park guell
    Ash | January 22, 2023 | 0 comments
    Barcelona Weather Guide + Events and What to Pack

    It’s a splendid place to visit year long but to find out the perfect time to visit tourists need an in depth Barcelona weather guide – and I’m up to the task! Here you’ll get all the forecasts from January to December with average temperatures, sun and rain expectations, advice on what to wear, and […]