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Things to Do in Lloret de Mar in One Trusty Guide


Package tour paradise.

The words don’t roll off the tongue with any vigor do they?

Yet for young people celebrating high school graduation or that first trip abroad with friends there’s hardly a better solution.

But it’s not just about cheap hotels and 24-7 fun – if you’re over thirty there’s still a ton of things to do in Lloret de Mar and what better way to find out than my Lloret de Mar guide.

Lloret de Mar

You’ll find Lloret de Mar on the famous Costa Brava just to the north east of Barcelona.

From El Prat Airport in Barcelona it’s about 90 km away while Girona Airport is much closer at 28 km.

The distance from the many attractions of central Barcelona is about 70 km.

If you want the culture of a Sagrada Familia basilica or the tranquility of Park Guell then hold up a sec: Lloret de Mar is more up tempo and for people looking to let loose.

You’ll love it for its:

  • Raucous nightlife with endless bars and clubs
  • Well serviced and clean beaches
  • Outdoor activities like diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and boating
  • It’s the perfect day trip from Barcelona for a city escape
  • Great restaurant scene for the city size
  • Wonder of explorable coves and cool day trips nearby
  • Fantastic waterpark!

Not your cup of tea? Consider Sitges for a low key beach escape near Barcelona.

Lloret de Mar Nightclubs and Nightlife

Ask anyone what to do in Lloret de Mar and they’ll tell about a district called Party Town.

Here you’ll find around 20 nightclubs all one after another so you’ll be able to go to multiple ones without having to get behind the wheel or take public transport.

Cover isn’t as expensive as places like Ibiza but expect to pay between €10.00-€20.00 on an average night.


€€ | Avinguda Just Marles 49 | 9:30 pm – 5 am (every day) | Website

A three room club with an electric atmosphere all week long.

If you’re looking for a party in Lloret it’s probably going down at Tropics. A great selection of popular and electronic music. The theme nights include the famous foam parties and Total Striptease night (it’s not a strip club!).

Grab yourself a weekly pass for €12.00 and get 7 day line skipping entry, 2 free drinks, €6.00 drinks after, and discounts at Burger King, KFC, and the FC Barcelona shop.


€€€ | Carrer Pla de Carbonell 25 | 10:00 pm – 5 am (every day) | Website

The biggest nightclub on the Costa Brava is well-known for crazy parties.

There are five different bars at this 2500 capacity club. What really stands out here is the megatron effect as well as arguably the best laser show system in Europe.

Great black, house, and deep house music.


€€€ | Just Marlés Vilarrodona 38 | 10:00 pm – 5:30 am (every day) | Website

Another legendary techno music nightclub.

Again, you’ll find some pretty classic Costa Brava party themes here like foam parties and t-shirt parties. This is a club to go if you like dancing because the beat never stops. Strong if low quality drinks.

€20.00 entrance includes two drinks.

The Rest

If none of the above tickle your fancy you still have so many options.

Nightclubs in Lloret de Mar like Bumpers, Hollywood, the Sibwana, and the Londoner all have their merits and you may want to do your research on all of them.

Keep in mind also that if you’re not so much into clubbing there are a ton of pubs in the area.

Lloret de Mar Beaches

If you can get yourself out of bed before 3 pm there’s only one thing to do: enjoy the Lloret de Mar beaches. The beaches and coves in the area are considered some of the most beautiful in Spain.

I’m going to exclude the packed main beach Platja de Lloret that runs along the city seafront because it’s more of a utility beach to be used as a hangover cure or a lazy alternative.

The rest of the beaches in the area? Little corners of paradise with crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and uncontaminated nature.

Platja de Fenals

The second Lloret de Mar beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for environmental quality and safety. The 700 m long stretch is less busy than the urban beach.

It’s definitely worth it to hit Platja de Fenals for some snorkeling in the transparent waters. Other sport activities include water skiing, kayaking, and parasailing.

You can reach Platja de Fenals in about 15 minutes walking to the southwest of the city.Barcelona Pass Tourist Discount Card from €86.50

Platja de Santa Cristina

This beach in between two hills is popular for being well-protected from the wind and having calm waters.

The really fine sand will remind you of being in the Caribbean. This is a great diving spot and a must stop for all of the catamaran tours leaving Lloret.

The view of the entire area from the Santa Cristina Chapel is stunning.

Also check out the beautiful Cala Treumal, a 100 m cove nearby.

This beach is best reached by car taking the GI-682.

Other Lloret de Mar Beaches

There are a bunch of other beaches easily reachable on foot from the city centre. Just follow the signs through the vegetation and you’ll get there eventually.

  • Cala Banys: a rocky yet relaxing beach popular with fishermen
  • Cala Sa Boadella: super clean waters here and as isolated as it gets (there are no bars/services here so make sure you pack your own lunch!)
  • Sa Caleta: a picturesque bay that’s well known for its castle, get out the camera!

Things to Do in Lloret de Mar

Even though I’ve mentioned that the cultural offerings are slim you can’t be partying the whole time.

When we talk of what to do in Lloret de Mar on a recovery day or once you’re beached out I suggest:

Jardines de Santa Clotilde

A gardener’s paradise.

Make sure you check out these gardens situated on a cliff overhanging the rugged coast.

The meticulously clean space done in Italian style is classic and super romantic. You’ll find a huge variety of flowers, statues, and a great view of the sea. The peace you’ll find here is such a contrast to the chaos of the city bar scene.

Get there from the city centre using bus L2.

Entrance costs €5.00.

Los Caminos de Ronda

This legendary footpath was originally built for the Guardia Civil to patrol the coast and stop smugglers.

Today it’s one of Spain’s most popular hiking paths. Take it and it’ll let you explore parts of the coast not accessible to vehicles, show you forests and Mediterranean fauna, and bring you to little coves straight out of a postcard.

The most common trail is from Lloret to Fenals – but I’ll let you decide how far to go.

The Lloret de Mar Old Town

It’s always worth it to take a little walk through the Old Town.

You’ll find tight yet charming streets full of tapas restaurants and some marvelous bakeries.

The most popular attraction is the Catalan Gothic style Church of Sant Romà that dates back to 1522.

How to Get to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona

Before knowing what to do in Lloret de Mar you have to get there first! If you have any different points of origin from Barcelona or Girona get at me in the comments below for custom travel advice.

Barcelona to Lloret By Car

By far the simplest way from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar is by renting a car.

From Barcelona it’s about an hour drive taking the C-32 while from Girona to Lloret de Mar it’ll be about 30 minutes on the A-2 and C-63. You can get the routes in their entirety on Google Maps or better yet opt for a GPS.

For the best price search and the most convenient advance booking opportunity I prefer using for all my trips outside of the city.

Barcelona to Lloret By Bus

You can get from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar (or from Girona) using the bus service offered by Sarfa.

From Barcelona the buses depart from the Estaciò del Nord (just above the famous Ciutadella Park) while from Girona you’ll grab the bus at Plaza d’Espanya.

Sarfa also offers direct service from Barcelona airport to Lloret de Mar.

All buses above can be booked here.

Tickets start at €10.00 one way.

Barcelona to Lloret By Train

From Barcelona you can grab a Renfe train at Sants Estacio, Plaça de Catalunya, Arc de Triomf, or El Clot-Arago in the direction of ‘Massanet-Massanes’ and get off at Blanes.

The 90 minute journey starts at €6.15 one way.

From Blanes train station you’ll find a bus/shuttle operated by Pujol Bus Company. These shuttles are timed with train arrivals so no need to book in advance.

The 20 minute journey costs around €2.00.

Barcelona to Lloret Flights

Lloret de Mar is too small for its own airport.

The closest airport will be Girona Airport – from here you’ll get to Lloret via Sarfa buses.

At the same time, there are not so many flights going into this airport so you’ll likely have to fly into Barcelona El Prat Airport, get central, and follow the directions above.

Where to Eat in Lloret de Mar

Of all my favourite things to do in Lloret de Mar eating is at the top.

You’ll definitely want to dive head first into some traditional Catalan dishes of the surf and turf variety. Fish commonly eaten on the Costa Brava include sea urchins, prawns, calamari, cuttlefish, and monkfish.

Try the famous suquet, a type of fish stew traditionally made by fishermen by combining ingredients with the day’s catch. Today it’s common to add meat and potatoes as well.

Fans of paella may want to try the black rice with squid ink.

La Parrilla

€-€€ | Carrer de Santa Llucia 13 | 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm (closed Mon-Wed) | Website

Lloret’s most popular Spanish restaurant.

It’s rare to find a restaurant so close to the tourist chaos that manages to treat its foreign guests like more than just another bill. Great customer service and generous portions.

Highlights include the paella, t-bone steak, and chicken with pepper sauce.

Restaurante La Lonja

€€-€€€ | Carrer de Sant Tomas 11 | 12:00 pm to 12:00 am | Website

A quality Spanish seafood restaurant 50 metres from the beach.

Here you’ll get a great value dinner menu including seafood paella, tapas, and sangria or bottle of wine for just €19.90. Also popular is the gigantic mixed meat grill, a must for meat lovers.

Planning a Trip to Lloret de Mar?

Still short on your list of things to do in Lloret de Mar? Make sure you get at me in the comments below for some custom advice.

I’ll also ask those who have experience multiple Barcelona beach escapes… which one was the best?

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