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Barcelona Weather Guide + Events and What to Pack


It’s a splendid place to visit year long but to find out the perfect time to visit tourists need an in depth Barcelona weather guide – and I’m up to the task!

Here you’ll get all the forecasts from January to December with average temperatures, sun and rain expectations, advice on what to wear, and a few ideas on what to do during each period.

Let’s get going.

Barcelona Weather

Barcelona weather features a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

Here the temperatures rarely dip below 8-10ºC (46-50°F) in winter while the summer-time average in July and August is 25ºC (77 °F).

The privileged position of the city with the mountains at one end and the sea at the other results in a lot of protection from rains and stuffy weather thanks to marine winds.

That said, the best times to visit Barcelona are probably spring and autumn when it’s neither too hot nor too cold and the crowds aren’t as big.

Summer however is a great time if you want to beach it up while in winter temperatures can still be a great escape from colder countries like Canada or Ireland.

Weather in Barcelona Spain by Month


After the big Christmas holiday you’ll find a surreal calm in the city.

January is indeed the coldest month of the year and you’ll feel it especially at night when temperatures drop. The bright side is that it rarely rains and there aren’t many tourists.

If you’ve decided to rent an apartment make sure that your host has heating or at least a basic radiator. Remember that heating isn’t all that common here so it’s not typically expected… except by people like us from colder countries.

  • Average high: 14°C (57 °F)
  • Average low: 5°C (41 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 14°C (57 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 9-10

Regarding what to put in your luggage you’ll surely need a sweater plus a windbreaker, a winter hat, a scarf, and if you’re particularly sensitive to the cold a pair of gloves.

It’s better safe than sorry so you should make sure the sweater is quite heavy. And remember that just like grandma says you should probably dress up in layers, that way you’ll be ready to tone it down should it be too warm.

Some basic insulated trainers all the way up to heavy duty shoes should be worn, especially if you’re trekking around the city.


It’s the second coldest month of the year after January but again you won’t find very low temperatures – expect them to hover around 10ºC (50°F). You’ll find plenty of sunny days to help you enjoy your holiday.

Tourists still haven’t arrived in droves but you can see some energy picking up for spring. Carnival is a great event to attend during this period, and a reason in itself to plan a vacation to Barcelona.

On the 12th of February Santa Eulàlia is celebrated. This festival honours the patron saint of the city that gave her name to the famous Barcelona Cathedral.

Remember that during this time there’s also the Mobile World Congress so if you’re looking to travel during this time try and find a hotel or Airbnb in one of the city’s best lodging neighbourhoods as early as possible as vacancy is really low.

  • Average high: 14°C (57 °F)
  • Average low: 6°C (42.8°F)
  • Average sea temperature: 13°C (55 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 9-10

If you’re packing for February you’re going to need clothes similar to January so that means a big sweater over your regular shirts. You’ll probably need to take it off in the middle of the day.

Also don’t forget your scarfs and some decently heavy shoes.

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March is a mixed bag so a bit of a tough one to call.

It can really tease you with days of brilliant sun or it can take you down with winter-like cold spells. The problem with March is that temperatures don’t climb up so high especially when sea winds come in.

Even though the days get longer and sunnier it’s still one of the rainiest months of the year, even if this would seem nothing to some of our friends in London, Seattle, or elsewhere.

It’s still a month where only the brave dare to take a tip in the sea because even with rising temperatures Barcelona weather is still quite cold. It’s a great time to try some of the top local dishes like calçots.

  • Average high: 16°C (60 °F)
  • Average low: 8°C (46 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 14°C (57 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 11-13

If you’ve got one I suggest bringing a rain jacket because you never know when you could be hit with a downpour. You should also bring a fairly heavy coat for the evenings.

That said, I’m not a weatherman but you can always check the Barcelona weather forecast to be sure. Instead of bringing a scarf maybe opt for something lighter like a foulard.


Temperatures creep up now and the smell of spring is in the air.

It’s a great time to get outside and visit amazing parks like Park Guell. Even though you’ll find a few rainy days here and there though we are almost home free from bad periods of weather!

If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona during Easter (in 2020, April 5-13) regret to inform you that the waters off the beach are still too cold to swim in! A few of the greatest things to see during April are the Easter parades and the Fiesta de San Jordi.

  • Average high: 18°C (64 °F)
  • Average low: 11°C (51 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 15°C (59 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 13-14

For this weather period I’d recommend bringing an umbrella, a light rain jacket or other light coat, and a light sweater for the nights where the temperatures drop down a bit.

You should also bring a few short sleeved t-shirts and some spring-type shoes for when the temperatures tease us with a sneak preview of summer. 20+ degrees is possible but rare.

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We’ve finally got to my favourite month in Barcelona!

Here average temperatures start heating up and we’re starting to see the Barcelona everybody knows and loves. You might even be lucky enough to catch one of those rare 25-28 °C days for a great evening drink on one of the city’s top roof terraces.

Here we get into the serious Barcelona events as well with things like Primavera Sound and the F1 Grand Prix.

  • Average high: 22°C (71 °F)
  • Average low: 14°C (57 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 16°C (60 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 14-15

In May rains aren’t much of a problem but remember that it’s still a decent possibility. Make sure you bring a hat to avoid any strong sun encounters.

It’s still a little bit early for taking a tip at the beach but bringing a swimsuit or shorts is a great idea just in case. Even if you don’t swim you’ll still have opportunities to put down a sarong for a little sun tan.

Also throw in some t-shirts, a light sweater, and a light jacket and jeans for the evening. You also can’t go wrong with some sandals in addition to your sneakers. And yes – sunglasses!


This is the month summer finally arrives in Barcelona and there’s no greater proof of this than the spike in temperatures, long days that give you endless time to wander around the city’s best parks, and an almost complete absence of rain (only 6 days on average).

It’s time to get out your summer weather clothing and swimsuits and enjoy Barcelona in all its splendor – at any of the city’s top attractions. And did anybody mention the beach?

Remember that we’re now in high season so you need to book your attraction tickets in advance or you could be left lining up for hours under the scorching sun.

This is my favourite month for taking day trips from Barcelona.

  • Average high: 26°C (57 °F)
  • Average low: 19°C (41 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 22°C (57 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 15

Make sure you pack shorts, t-shirts, and undershirts of light fabric that won’t have you sweating.

A hat and sunglasses are imperative. At the same time though make sure you’ve got some long pants and a hoodie in case it gets a bit chilly at night.


Here we go from hot to boiling weather so I suggest bringing your summer clothing arsenal from A to Z. Recently the month of July in Barcelona has been really hot yet with the added benefits of not being so humid.

Here you’ll find the month with the least amount of rain and you’re pretty much guaranteed a sunny holiday just as you planned. Hell, you may even want to take your beach holiday to the next level with a trip up the Costa Brava.

The most important thing? Make sure your hostel or holiday apartment has air conditioning.

  • Average high: 28°C (82 °F)
  • Average low: 21°C (69 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 24°C (75 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 15

I’d suggest wearing light colours to avoid get torched, a hat, your swimsuit, sunglasses, and about 75 gallons of sunscreen. You won’t need long pants or heavy tops whatsoever.


This is the Barcelona weather we’re talking about! August is the hottest month of the year.

The weather can get suffocating at times especially when the sea breeze dies down and humidity rises. Make sure to avoid walking around the city in the middle of the day without a bottle of water handy.

Remember to watch yourself at the beach – you may even want to consider renting one of those big umbrellas for a bit of shade. Just like July you should buy your tickets online to avoid getting burned in lines.

Another great tip? Save your visits for Barcelona’s best museums for the middle of the day as they have great air conditioning.

Even if a lot of locals go away on holiday there are still a ton of great August events.

  • Average high: 29°C (84 °F)
  • Average low: 21°C (69°F)
  • Average sea temperature: 26°C (78 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 13-14

Again, this isn’t rocket science here but if you’re coming to Barcelona in the heat pack a bathing suit, some flip flops, sunglasses, shorts, and maybe (maybe!) a light sweater for the evenings.

Just make sure you end up changing out of your beach clothes before walking into a nice bar because they won’t appreciate all the sand getting tracked in.

the barcelona hop on hop off bus at the bottom of la rambla the barcelona hop on hop off bus at the bottom of la rambla
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For many this is the best month to visit Barcelona because you finally have some space to breathe after the heat of the deep summer. Yes, the beginning of the month is quite hot but in my mind it’s the perfect month to swim.

The temperature here never gets up too high and yet autumn still feels miles away. In short – perfection! Toward the end of the month there’s always a chance for a big dip in temperatures and even some rain but don’t fear! Most of the month’s best events will be in sunshine.

  • Average high: 26°C (78 °F)
  • Average low: 18°C (64°F)
  • Average sea temperature: 24°C (75 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 12-13

Your suitcase for September should be a mix of typical summer beach clothes with a few autumn items thrown in for good measure. A light jacket is necessary for the evenings and a pair of pants/jeans also goes.


The weather in Barcelona Spain in October can be explained in two phases: in the first 15 days of the month you’ve got summer-like temperatures touching the mid to high twenties with a bit of rain, while in the second half of the month there’s a big cool down as winter beckons.

Normally in October I change my wardrobe and shuffle out the summer clothes for something a little heavier. Here the hours of daylight diminish but you still may be able to for a walk in the Gothic Quarter without heavy clothing.

  • Average high: 22°C (57 °F)
  • Average low: 15°C (41 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 22°C (57 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 10-12

Visiting Barcelona in October means bringing a bit of everything even if it’s not yet useful for a big heavy coat. Bring a light jacket or windbreaker, some t-shirts or long sleeve shirts, long pants, and a sweater for the evenings.

Sunglasses and swimsuit are only needed in the beginning of the month!


Even if it’s not as cold as other major European cities November is still a time to start wrapping up. It’s a month of big changes and beach weather really is in the rear-view mirror as football season is in full swing at Camp Nou stadium.

At the same time there is still very little rain so it’s still a gorgeous time to visit the city and take some amazing photographs or take some walks around the city.

  • Average high: 17°C (62 °F)
  • Average low: 9°C (48 °F)
  • Average sea temperature: 19°C (66 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 9-10

For a November suitcase I would put some winter shoes, a fairly thick sweater, and even a thinner sweater for the more mild days on the calendar. Since they don’t take up to much space I’d also suggest a scarf.

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In December Barcelona weather can get quite cold but at the end of the day what did you expect? It wouldn’t be the Christmas holidays without a bit of chill. Again though it is still a period of little rain and splendid winter sun.

Those who are coming to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona will have no problems walking around and discovering the city’s many outdoor spaces. Just make sure you’re wrapped up enough.

  • Average high: 15°C (59°F)
  • Average low: 6°C (42°F)
  • Average sea temperature: 15°C (59 °F)
  • Daylight hours: 9

If you’re packing your suitcase for December you’ll need 100% winter stuff: a decently heavy coat, windbreaker, scarf, gloves, and a sweater. Much like January though you’ll need something lighter just in case temperatures sneak up a bit.

Still Need Barcelona Weather Info?

If you’re looking for any more information about Barcelona weather or anything else regarding your holiday make sure you write me using the form below – no question is too ridiculous! 😉

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