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  • I have to organize a two-day itinerary in Barcelona. Where do I begin?

    On the blog you’ll find tons of useful information to organize your stay whether it’s a weekend away or a much longer period. We’ve written an article with a basic 1 to 5 day itinerary including all the main things to see in Barcelona. You can also check out the blog category “What to See” for further suggestions.

  • What are some can’t miss things for a typical trip to Barcelona?

    We’ve got a long list of monuments, works of art, museums and top neighborhoods to visit absolutely. You can find all the info in the category “Can’t Miss Attractions“.

  • How can I get to the center of Barcelona from El Prat airport?

    In the article dedicated to the airport we’ve listed all the options available to reach Barcelona city centre. If you have doubts on how to reach a specific address you can leave us a comment at the bottom of the article.

  • Should I purchase the Hola Barcelona Card to get around?

    In our opinion this is a very convenient transport card since it includes unlimited travel for the metro/train/tram/bus and transport from the airport to the center of Barcelona. See the dedicated article for prices and ticket details.

  • We’re a big family, are there discounts specifically for visits to monuments or museums?

    No, there is no card or pass dedicated specifically to families. However, if you plan to visit many attractions and museums we recommend you consider the Barcelona City Pass.

  • What does the Barcelona City Pass include?

    The Barcelona City Pass includes admission to Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Aerobus airport transport, one or two days on the Bus Turistic, and 20% discount on the purchase of tickets for other attractions and museums.

  • Do I need to book visits to attractions in advance? How early?

    It’s always advisable to book attractions well in advance especially during high season (April to September and December) to avoid sell outs. In these months we recommend booking two weeks in advance and three if traveling during Easter, August, and Christmas.

  • Is it advisable to book in advance in low season?

    Yes, in the vast majority of cases the advance purchase of tickets online entitles you to a discount ranging from 5% to 20% compared to buying on site. Online booking also grants you entry without queuing to almost all attractions.

  • I’m a student, am I entitled to discounts on admission to attractions?

    Yes, most attractions have discounted rates for young people or students. Whether you buy the ticket online or do it on the spot you’ll be asked to show a document proving your age or student status. The identity card is whichever is issued by your educational institution.

  • I have a disability, am I entitled to discounts for admission to attractions? What about my companion?

    Most attractions have a special rate for people with disabilities and their companions. We invite you to consult the dedicated article for further information.

  • I have mobility issues, is the Barcelona transport network easily accessible?

    Fortunately Barcelona is a city that’s quite attentive to the needs of people with mobility problems and almost all metro stations are accessible. Consult the map for more information. All buses have a platform and places reserved for the disabled. Most trains are also accessible. For specific questions please leave us a comment.

  • I had to cancel my trip. Can I get a refund on tickets purchased online?

    Each attraction has a different cancellation policy which all retailers must comply with. In most cases there is no ticket refund but changes are granted. For specific information read the articles dedicated to each attraction.

  • I’m looking for a hotel/apartment/pension. Where do you recommend staying?

    Every neighborhood in Barcelona has its pros and cons. The Ciutat Vella (Old Town) is convenient for walking around the center but it’s quite chaotic and the facilities are usually older and more basic. The Eixample district near Passeig de Gracia is an excellent area to stay for transport convenience and proximity to the center, but it’s not for all budgets. Poble Nou is a bit outside the city center but suitable for those looking for a sea breeze and some tranquility. Gracia is a lively and bohemian neighborhood but depending on the area it may be a little inconvenient to reach the city center. We’ve collected all our advice in the post “Where to stay in Barcelona“. For any doubts leave us a comment.

  • Could you help me find accommodation that suits my needs and budget?

    Of course! Send us the form filled in with your trip details and we’ll get back to you with some tailor made suggestions.

  • Do you offer guided tours of Barcelona in English?

    Of course! Our talented guide Alvaro organizes his Secrets of the Old City tour daily at 10:00 am. You can find more information and prices on the tour on this page.

  • Is Barcelona expensive?

    It depends. Barcelona is a very lively and eventful city that attracts a large number of people from all over Europe. In high season accommodation prices may not be suitable for all budgets so we recommend traveling outside high season whenever possible. It would also be prudent to schedule trips outside dates of major events such as: Mobile World Congress (late February/early March), Primavera Sound, and Sonar (June).

  • How much does it cost to eat out in Barcelona?

    It depends. Dinner at a mid-level restaurant can cost anywhere from €30.00 to €40.00 per person. A fixed three-course menu at midday costs from €9.00 to €15.00 depending on the area. Four or five typical tapas dishes to share with a beer cost around €20.00/25.00. The cost of a good paella is around €15.00/20.00 per person. If you’re just looking for a basic sandwich and a bottle of water you’ll spend about €5.00. If you wanna eat well and save money take a look at the list of restaurants we’ve selected for you.