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Is it Worth Going Inside Sagrada Familia? A Cost & Time Review


With 20 million annual visitors Sagrada Familia is the top attraction in Barcelona, bar none.

But is it worth going inside Sagrada Familia?

Let’s take a look into the particulars to see if it’s worth buying a ticket.

stained glass windows at sagrada familia in barcelona spain

Is it Worth it to Go inside La Sagrada Familia?

It’s almost automatic on any Barcelona itinerary and yet of the 20 million visitors each year, ‘only’ about five million pay for tickets to see the inside.

That said, that comfortably puts it in the top ten of paid attractions in the world.

Before assessing the value of an inside visit, let’s first establish the Sagrada Familia base ticket prices:

Entrance + AudioguideOnline PriceTicket Window Price
Adults€33.80Not possible
Under 30 + Students€31.20Not possible
Seniors (65+)€27.30Not possible
Kids (0-10)freeNot possible
Disabled + Companion€7.00Not possible

So there it is: a typical ticket sets you back €33.80, which puts it in ‘well then show me what you’ve got‘ territory.

Allow me to do just that.

What’s Included in La Sagrada Familia Tickets

Of course, let me lead by saying that this €33.80 isn’t just for a lukewarm stroll in another European church.

As a learned sanctuary skipper who has seen the main church in almost every European city (I’ve been here 15 years) I know what you’re thinking.

Let’s break down the pros and cons here:

 ✔️ Pros

  • You get to see the inside of one of the most beautiful churches in the world 
  • The stained glass windows are unlike anything you’ve ever seen
  • It’s got a 4.8 rating on over 29,000 Sagrada Familia Reviews
  • Arguably the best museum on Gaudi’s genius is found in the basement
  • You can actually put your hands on the facades
  • Only on the ticketed side of the fence can you see Gaudi’s intense detail up close


  • Unlike many free churches in Europe this one costs €33.80 per person
  • It’s so damn popular that it’s almost always full of people

So there it is: this is a wow-factor church which is ultimately the most unique project of its kind in the world.

Honestly, the first time I visited Barcelona (at 23) I just went to see it on the outside and it was impressive, but can attest to the fact that the outside is only the beginning.

I understand that the cost of the entrance can be a lot for people, but in this case it’s simply a matter of budgeting:

  • Grab a meal on the go instead of a sit down restaurant
  • Resist that extra cocktail on your first night out
  • Use Barcelona public transport instead of taxis or Ubers

You can’t put a price on a once in a lifetime experience, and if it was it certainly wouldn’t be €33.80!

And about the crowds? If you’re hesitant just book one of the earliest time slots using this handy calendar:

Sagrada Familia Visitor Reviews

As mentioned, Sagrada Familia has a 4.8 rating on over 29,000 Sagrada Familia Reviews at their ticket seller Tiqets.

But really, is the Sagrada Familia worth it?

Let’s take a look at some reviews, with customers generally raving about Sagrada Familia’s once in a lifetime quality:

With the beauty of the stained glass being a close second:

Finally, those booking tickets in advance online are very satisfied with the process at

Curious? Read my Sagrada Familia guide to learn even more about this attraction.

At any rate, ensure that you book your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance as capacity is low, and especially during high season the mandatory time slots are usually full.

So Is Sagrada Familia Worth It?

All indication, as well as my own personal experience, points toward Sagrada Familia being an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re religious or not, it tends to be a religious experience.

At any rate, if you still don’t know whether Sagrada Familia is worth it or not: please don’t hesitate to write me in the comments as I am happy to give free advice to all my readers!

Enjoy your day out at Sagrada Familia ⛪

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