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Barcelona Disabled Access Guide (Sights + Transport)


Barcelona isn’t the easiest place to visit.

With so many top Barcelona attractions and so many people visiting you’re bound to hit a few roadblocks along the way – and with a notable lack of resources put together for disabled visitors problems can compound.

Whether you’re looking for Barcelona disabled access, wheelchair access, help for the visually impaired, or any other type of disability requiring special assistance I’ve tried to put it here.

Have any special requests you don’t see?

Get at me in the comments below.

Disabled Access at Barcelona Attractions

Sagrada Familia


Those with a 65% disability or higher enter free with a companion.

Starting in 2020 general entrance to the Basilica can be purchased online using the ‘disabled’ tariff for all different Sagrada Familia tickets (general, audio guide, audio guide + towers).

Careful though, if you buy the basic entrance ticket it’s obligatory to purchase the audio guide app for an extra €4.00 (the regular audio guide is €8.00)

At the moment of booking you’ll need to select 2 disabled tickets (one for the guest and one for companion) – but careful! Only the tickets are free. The audio guides must be paid.

All booking is done directly online on the official site and using this you’ll skip the lines.

Individual tickets can also be purchased at ticket windows on Carrer Marina without lining up, and you’ll be given access to the first available visit window.

To use the tickets you’ll need to present any relevant documentation of your disability status.


The entrance for disabled visitors is found on Carrer Marina right next to the Sagrada Familia shop.

Here you’ll be able to request any special attention from any of the workers including a wheelchair.


For disabled visitors I highly recommend you visit with somebody else as there are a ton of ramps to negotiate in the church. Some can be quite steep so it may get a bit tiring.

Unfortunately, visitors with limited to no mobility cannot visit the towers.

For the visually impaired you’ll be happy to know there is a Braille map or of course the audio guide.

The Sagrada Familia is equipped with disabled toilets.

For more information check out my article dedicated to the La Sagrada Familia.

Park Guell


For disabled visitors Park Guell entrance is free even if you have to ‘purchase’ the tickets at ticket windows. Your companion will have to pay €7.00.

To save money both of these tickets can be bought online directly from the official website where the companion will only have to pay €7.00. Disabled visitors using the web to book will simply have to select the disabled person ticket to be given a free ticket.

Both tickets will skip the lines.


There are various entrances, some more adapt than others.

For wheelchair access I suggest entering from Carretera del Carmel 23 – this is where bus 23 will drop you off from Plaça Catalunya.


The park, being built atop a hill, offers some pretty treacherous terrain even for able-bodied visitors. Along the way you’ll find ramps and even a few escalators but I still recommend visiting with a companion.

Right inside the park at the foot of the main staircase is a disabled toilet.

The visually impaired will find signs in Braille in both the Carrer Olot and Carretera del Carmel entrances. The tourist coach parking lot at Carrer del Carmel 18 has 3 handicapped spaces.

Visitors with any special requests can make them contacting the customer service department of Park Guell at [email protected].

For more information check out my article dedicated to Park Guell.

Casa Batllò


Unfortunately not being a public building you won’t find any disabled travel discounts here. Visitors with disabilities will have to pay full price at €25.00.

You can buy tickets in advance via Tiqets and also skip the lines in the process.


The main entrance is found at Passeig de Gracia 43.

Here you’ll find a set of stairs which can be easily avoided with a small ramp.


Casa Batllo is served by a 1.20 m X 1.0 m elevator which permits visitors to visit the building with relative ease. If your wheelchair is too big to fit you can ask the staff to use one of theirs, which are perfectly adapted for the building.

Unfortunately the terrace and the famous ‘water space’ interior courtyard don’t have wheelchair access.

Those accompanying visually impaired visitors get Casa Batllo access free.

There is even the possibility to have the audio guide text in Braille. Inside you’ll also find a three-dimensional reproduction of the building’s famous facade, where visitors will be able to understand its shape and ornaments.

Unfortunately there are no disabled bathrooms found at Casa Batllo.

For more information check out my article dedicated to the Casa Batllo.

La Pedrera


For visitors with a 33%+ disability the ticket can be bought for the reduced cost of €18.50 for the La Pedrera Esencial ticket (audio guide included).

These tickets can be bought directly online allowing line skipping access.

Disabled visitors with motor skill issues or a disability above 65% enter free as does one companion. Free access in this case is found directly at ticket windows presenting documentation regarding the disability.


The main entrance is easily accessed at street level on Carrer de Provença 261-265.


For wheelchair access the building is served by two elevators, one for inhabitants (the “noble elevator”) and another recently constructed that allows visitors to get to all the other floors of the building, the terrace included.

Unfortunately due to the bumpy and uneven terrain of a terrace including many stairs this part is not recommended for disabled visitors.

Not to worry however! La Pedrera has added a small 2 m X 2 m viewing platform that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the terrace and its famous chimneys.

The ground-floor of the building has two bathrooms adapted for disabled visitors.

For visually impaired visitors La Pedrera is very well adapted. You’ll find a ton of panels in Braille, touchable three dimensional reproductions of the building, and the classic audio guide.

For more information check out my article dedicated to La Pedrera.

Camp Nou Stadium Tour


Disabled visitors and visitors in wheelchairs pay €20.00. These tickets can be bought exclusively at the ticket windows found at gate number 9 on Avinguda Joan XXII.


The main entrance of the stadium has a ramp which makes access very easy.


For structural reasons, due to the various staircases present in the stadium, the Camp Nou Tour isn’t very well adapted for wheelchair users and visitors with limited mobility.

If you’re a big football fan and just have to visit anyway, the easiest parts to access are: The Museum, the trophy cases, the area dedicated to Leo Messi, and the panoramic view of the stadium from the upper deck.

There is a possibility to use an elevator between floors but once you arrive there will be a lot of stairs and uneven surfaces. Just a warning.

Disabled visitors will find suitable bathrooms throughout the stadium.

For more information check out my article dedicated to Camp Nou.

The Magic Fountain


The Barcelona Magic Fountain show is free for all visitors regardless of disability.


For wheelchair access you’ll find a ramp to avoid the uphill battle if you arrive via Plaça Espanya. You’ll find this ramp right in front of the Pabellón Mies van der Rohe.

For more information check out my article dedicated to the Magic Fountain.

Montjuic Castle


It’s possible to access Montjuic Castle completely free by buy the tickets directly at the ticket window. In this case one companion is also admitted free of charge as well.


Those with limited mobility will not be able to reach the terrace as there is uneven pavement which is difficult to manage.

For more information check out my article dedicated to Montjuic.

Other Attractions

This information is technically ‘unofficial’ as it’s not listed online anywhere and was given to me via telephone customer service over the years.

To be sure it’s always best to confirm using the numbers listed below.

  • Santa Maria del Pi: free access is given to visitors with 65%+ disability plus one companion. There are no lines to visit. There is wheelchair ramp access. The belltower and the crypt are unfortunately not accessible though ramps are being installed with current restoration works. Phone: +34 933 184 743
  • Santa Maria del Mar: reduced tickets for disabled visitors cannot be purchased online and must be bought at ticket windows on site. Reduced tickets cost €4.00. This small basilica doesn’t typically have lines. The terrace does not have disabled access. Phone: +34 931 984 067
  • Sant Pau de Camp Monastery: tickets cannot be booked in advance and must be bought on site. Reduced tickets cost €4.00. With the ticket you’re only guaranteed access to the external part of the monastery.  The interior can only be visited when the church sacristan is on site. Phone: +34 934 410 001
  • Recinte Modernista Hospital de Sant Pau: free access is given to visitors with 65%+ disability plus one companion. There’s a wheelchair ramp. Phone: +34 935 537 801
  • Palau de la Musica: there is wheelchair access. You can’t buy tickets in advance, so you’ll have to get them on site with the appropriate documentation. Tickets cost €11.00 for those with a 65%+ disability. There is a separate entrance. You should arrive 10-15 minutes before the visit. Phone: +34 932 957 200
a tourist holds 3 barcelona discount passes in front of the arc de triomf in barcelona spain a tourist holds 3 barcelona discount passes in front of the arc de triomf in barcelona spain
Get a Barcelona tourist discount pass and save money + time.

Transport for Disabled Visitors

Here you’ll find the latest disabled travel info using the city’s main transport options.

Remember that in 2010 Barcelona undertook a mission to be the city with the most disabled-friendly public transport system in Europe, so it should be about as good as it gets.


The Barcelona metro network is considered a great benchmark among European cities for its unparalleled accessibility. Along the entire network you’ll find most main Barcelona transit stations equipped with elevators for disabled access.

Unfortunately there are no discounts for disabled riders.

I suggest at any rate to get yourself a discount transport card like the classic Hola Barcelona Card – this includes unlimited transport on the entire Barcelona network and allows you to save a decent bit of money.

The metro stations which are not yet equipped with elevators are:

  • Red Line (L1): Plaça de Sants, Espanya, Urquinaona and Clot.
  • Green Line (L3): Espanya and Vallcarca.
  • Yellow Line (L4): Maragall, Verdaguer, Urquinaona, Jaume 1, Poblenou and Ciutadella/Villa Olimpica.
  • Blue Line (L5):  Maragall, Verdaguer, and Plaça de Sants.

For the visually impaired you’ll find tactile paving assistance that will allow you to understand the main portions of stations like stairs, ticket windows, escalators (with Braille legends), and platforms.

You can find a metro map below by clicking the button:



Barcelona’s bus network is completely adapted for anybody with mobility issues.

Every bus is outfitted with a ramp to allow wheelchair access. Aboard you’ll also find visual and hearing aids for people with sight and hearing issues.

The prices for the bus are not discounted and the same as those for the metro.

Bus Turistic

The most comfortable option for tourists with limited mobility. Here you’ll be able to complete an entire Barcelona itinerary without moving a finger.

All Bus Turistic buses are equipped with a ramp to allow access to disabled visitors. There is a bit of a limitation however as visitors can only sit on the bottom floor of the bus, not up top.

For those with listening issues there is the option of requesting an audio amplification device from the official Barcelona Tourism Office (you’ll need to leave a €200.00 deposit or with a credit card).

Bus Turistic services offer a discount to disabled visitors with a 33% disability or more – the discounted price is €28.00 for a one day tour and €31.50 for two days.

To get the discounts simply buy your tickets online in my webshop.

Handicap Parking

For visitors from the UK know that it is possible to use the European Union disabled parking pass in public parking lots. Of course, only in the designated spaces. You’ll notice them as they have the international symbol.

In central areas you’ll also be able to park your car in the green lines as well as blue, without a time limit, as long as you leave your disabled parking decal visible.

All underground parking lots should have spots reserved for disabled drivers and will have elevators reaching the street.

Some street parking even with the disabled symbol requires a license plate number – in this case this is a private parking space and you won’t be able to park here.


Spanish railways offers a special pass called the Tarjeta Dorada to disabled travelers over 18. This pass gives many different discounts depending on the trip taken.

It’s possible to obtain the Tarjeta Dorarda in all Renfe stations and travel agents at a cost of €6.00.

People with disabilities above 65% can get this pass that includes a companion, or rather, allows the person riding with them to obtain the same discount.


  • Long distance and high speed trains (AVE): 25% Mon to Thurs, 40% from Fri to Sun.
  • Medium distance trains: 40%.
  • Fast trains and medium distance (Avant): 25% Mon to Fri, 40% Sat and Sun.
  • Fast trains at short distance (Cercanías): 40%.
  • Local trains: 50%.

These tickets can be bought either at ticket machines or windows.

The Spanish railway services offer the service Atendo which offers support at various stations for the boarding and getting off of trains.

You’ll be able to book any of these services via the app ‘Renfe Atendo’ or by phone at 902 24 05 05.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

Taking a taxi in Barcelona is a great option for those who want to get around in complete comfort, and you can find them for a fairly decent price.

The company that has cars tailor-made for disabled visitors and has specialized in this service for years is called Taxi Amic. Thanks to their bigger cars and special ramp you’ll be able to get around the city no problem.

The number to book a Taxi Amic is (0034) 934 208 088.

As of 2020 you can also order your Free Now taxi (a type of Uber that utilizes the city’s yellow and black taxis) adapted for disabled visitors.

The fee for these special taxis is €14.00.

With your first trip using the buttons below to download the app you’ll get a €5.00 discount on your first ride using the code ‘ashley.pil’.

Download now
Download now

How to Get to the City Centre from the Airport


To get to the city centre, the Aerobus takes 30 minutes at a cost of €5.90 one way (€10.20 return).

I always suggest buying your Aerobus tickets directly online to avoid having to queue up at the airport. This bus is fully equipped with a ramp to allow access to riders in wheelchairs and with other disabilities.

The stops will be announced by the bus driver (main ones are Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya).


At the train station in Terminal 2 of El Prat airport the “Atendo” service is unfortunately not available on the spot. What you can do however is make the request 30 minutes in advance at the ticket windows.

Once an hour a train should depart with a ramp to help you get aboard. For more information on the schedule of this train you’ll have to call Atendo customer service at 902 24 05 05 (24 hours a day).

Bus 46

As I mentioned before all bus services are completely adapt to riders with limited mobility.

Bus 46 departs from either terminal of the airport will leave you in Plaça Espanya. Buses depart every 20 minutes and each trip should take 50 minutes.

Night buses available are the N16, N17, and N18.

Cruise Port

For those arriving at Barcelona’s cruise port you’ll be happy to know that the shuttle is equipped with a wheelchair ramp. If you’ve arrived at Moll Adossat (Terminals A, B, C, and D) this is mandatory due to distance.

Outside all terminals you’ll find the Cruise Bus (or T-3 Portbus) to take you to the bottom of La Rambla.

The price is €3.00 (€4.00 return, cash only).

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental

The top place recommended by my readers is the foldable wheelchair rental via the Barcelona Turisme board; you’ll see the chair in the photo using the link.

Prices range from €20.00 a day up to €133.00 for the week.

It can even be delivered to your hotel.

There’s also an option at Barcelona airport which I would advise not to do since this means you’ll have to load it into a taxi before you get central.

You can also check out the shop AMIGO24. Here you’ll find various models whether electric or not. They also will drop off your vehicle at your hotel and prices depend on the model.

Hotels with Disabled Access

Here’s two suggestions for hotels with disabled access in Barcelona.

Keep in mind that this is simply second hand information that has been given to me by readers as well as hotel websites. I always suggest you call in advance for any special requests.

Grand Hotel Torre Catalunya

Area: Sants | Av. de Roma, 2-4 | Metro: Tarragona (L3) | Website

This hotel is located near Barcelona Sants Estacio train station and is one of the best equipped for disabled people. They’ve got a total of 4 accessible rooms.

The hotel has several ramps that allow entry into the hotel and each one has a handrail. There are 4 lifts which unfortunately don’t announced the stops and the buttons are slightly raised.

The rooms have a private bathroom with floor-level showers and a handrail next to the toilet.

Phone: +34 936 006 966

Price: €90.00-€120.00 per night

Hotel Illunion Auditori

Area: Eixample | Carrer de Sicília 166 | Metro: Arc de Triomf (L1) | Website

Hotel Illunion Auditori is a structure adapted to accommodate guests with reduced mobility and the visually impaired. The property is located 5 minutes from the Arc de Triomf in a very quiet area and ideal for reaching Barcelona’s top attractions.

A perfectly designed ramp with handrails will allow you to reach the hotel lobby, lifts, and restaurant/bar area. The rooms are spacious, outfitted in Braille, and the light and air conditioning switches are at accessible heights.

The private bathroom with showers are located at floor level with lowered mirrors as well. With an availability of 6 fully accessible homes and a staff trained to welcome disabled visitors.

Phone: + 39 932 437 600

Price: €120.00-€130.00 per night

Still Need Info For Visiting Barcelona with Disabilities?

Again, if there’s something missing and you need more information make sure you write me below.

You may also want to take a look at the official Barcelona Tourism Office website dedicated to Barcelona disabled access. At any rate, any questions you have about your Barcelona holiday will be answered ASAP.

Happy travels 🙂

  • March 20, 2024 at 11:01 am
    My husband and I use mobility scooters to get around and I have noticed that public transport says wheelchair accessible but does that include scooters or not?
  • August 22, 2023 at 7:16 am
    Would we be eligible for free entry at Sagrada with profound hearing loss. Cochlear Implant ?
    • August 25, 2023 at 5:40 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Wilma, The official website says nothing about this specific disability. I have never heard of free entry for hearing loss at any Barcelona attraction, but would contact them directly about this just in case. Cheers,
  • August 29, 2022 at 2:55 pm
    Hey would you know the easiest way to get to the Olympic Stadium, i am disabled on a wheelchair and have a concert next May 2023 with my family to attend to. Just concerned on how to get there, does taxis do the run?
    • August 31, 2022 at 1:09 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Pat, Easiest way would definitely be a taxi. That said, as many of them as there are around you won't be able to flag down just any. You'll need to download the FreeNow app and you can select taxis that are specially equipped for this kind of trip. It is just like Uber. You put in your location and they come to you, little effort and no stress! For more info you can read about it in my Barcelona taxi article. Cheers,
  • August 22, 2022 at 12:27 pm
    Hi do you know, how can wheelchair user get to Barcelona from Lloret de Mar?
    • August 24, 2022 at 12:34 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Pawel, Honestly I don't know this offhand, but I've sent a message to the main bus provider to see if this is possible... and if not, if there are any alternatives. I will get back to you as soon as they let me know. Cheers,
      • August 24, 2022 at 12:46 pm
        Team Member
        Hi Pawel, They got back very quick! I have good news - all the Moventis buses from Lloret to Barcelona can accommodate wheelchair users. This is the superior method in this case, as it's a direct bus. All other methods are much more complicated. That said, they've told me that once you've booked your tickets online you'll have to call in advance to let them know what stop you'll be boarding at and at what time, so they can let the driver know in advance and set things up. That number is: +34 972 300 262 Cheers,
        • September 7, 2022 at 3:20 pm
          Hi Ash Thank you very much for specific information. Take care
          • September 9, 2022 at 7:21 pm
            Team Member
            No worries Pawel, anytime :)
  • August 18, 2019 at 10:15 pm
    Ron Robinson
    I am a 100% disabled Veteran in USA, letter from Veterans administration stating so.Companion's travel card With the Companion's travel card the holder and the companions can use the public transport for free. Where can I get that card and is this true?
    • August 19, 2019 at 10:50 am
      Team Member
      Hola Ron, As mentioned above there are unfortunately no free Barcelona transport passes for disabled riders so I assume you're referring to the Tarjeta Dorada? This pass can be purchased at ticket offices in stations, the Ceuta sales office, and even local travel agencies in person. Cheers, Ash
  • July 31, 2019 at 9:41 pm
    Do the "disability" discounts in Barcelona apply to people with cognitive or developmental disabilities, or only to people with physical disabilities?
    • August 4, 2019 at 12:25 pm
      Hi, In case anyone else asks, I checked with Park Guell, and their disability discount is available to anyone with any kind of disability, including cognitive disabilities. Thanks. Rebecca
      • August 5, 2019 at 10:02 am
        Team Member
        Hola Rebecca, Thank you so much for clearing this up and reporting back! My readers are often my best source of info and this is testament to that :) Cheers, Ash
    • August 1, 2019 at 7:56 am
      Team Member
      Hi Rebecca, To my knowledge this only applies to those with physical disabilities, though I would check with each individual attraction as they may have different policies. Cheers, Ash
      • August 1, 2019 at 12:35 pm
        • August 1, 2019 at 3:16 pm
          Team Member
          No problem :)
  • June 6, 2019 at 12:55 am
    Michael Allen
    Thank you for this information! Do you have information about Monseratt. I usually push my wifes travel wheelchair for speed purposes but she can get in and out of the chair and walk with a cane.
    • June 6, 2019 at 9:08 am
      Team Member
      Hi Michael, You're very welcome! I should probably be adding some extra places to this article like Montserrat but have yet to hear about any readers' experience here. It appears that it shouldn't be all that big a problem though... and I say this after reading this thread on Tripadvisor where many disabled guests said there were no major issues (only of course with getting to the parking) and that it is wheelchair friendly... just expect to have to push a bit uphill :) Cheers, Ash
  • January 14, 2019 at 3:52 pm
    Hola, can you please tell me what documents are required to prove disability and be eligible for discounts, I am travelling from Ireland and am unsure on what is needed, thank you.
    • January 14, 2019 at 4:30 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Elle, They're usually not sticklers for this kind of thing as it's very very rare that someone would try and take advantage... whatever ID you use at home that is proof of a disability for discounts etc will be accepted, even better if it's EU documentation like denoting it on a driver's license. Ash
  • October 7, 2018 at 2:03 pm
    Kindly clarify as there appears to be conflicting info for Sagrada Familia: Is the disabled entrance at Calle Marina or Calle Sardenya? For online ticket purchase for the audioguide (no tower) tickets, do I purchase the €6 for each of us or the €6 for me (disabled),and the €17 for my 67yr old companion? Thank you!
    • October 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Judi, The disabled entrance is on Carrer de Sardenya. I assume you both would like an audio guide? In this case simply click here to go to the visit + audio guide page at Ticketbar. The audioguide will be included in the price of your companion (just select the single senior ticket itself, €17.00) while for you you'll have the option to add the €6 disabled entrance. Ash
  • March 25, 2018 at 1:55 am
    How can foreign visitors document their disability? In the US we have state government parking permits denoting permanent disability status, but I don't know of anything that documents the percentage of disability.
    • March 26, 2018 at 3:44 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Paul, This is a tough question since all of the attraction websites only say they require 'accreditation' but for foreigners they don't specify what that is. The percentage is regarding an EU/Spanish accreditation system... I would bring any documents you have, letters from a medical professional, perhaps even the parking permit. From some forums I've read people say they aren't too fussy as long as you show something, anything. That seems to be what they're saying here in regards to disabled entry in Madrid: Sorry I couldn't give you any more info, I'll keep my ears open and if I find something else you'll be the first to know! Ash
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