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Barcelona Weather in August + 5 Tips to Beat the Heat


I don’t know you but something tells me you’re doing something good today.

Number one, you’ve got time off and are thinking about Barcelona.

Number two, and I apologize for sounding like I’ve spent too much time in the sun, but you’ve found one of the best guides on Barcelona weather in August 😉

Sure, some will tell you it’s too hot in August but stay with me – with just a few weather precautions you can have the Barcelona holiday of your dreams.


I’ll give it to you straight: it’s the hottest month of the year.

In no other month will you find unrelenting sweltering heat and reactions from the unprepared range from slight discomfort to heatstroke.

If you’re sitting directly in the sun be prepared for a sauna.

  • Average daily high: 28°C (82°F)
  • Average daily low: 19°C (67°F)
  • Average sea temperature: 26°C (79°F)
  • Daily sunshine hours: 9

Day lengths decrease over August beginning with August 1st averaging 14.2 hours of daylight while August 31st has ‘just’ 13.1 – but you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy Barcelona’s beaches.

With the long days try and get your sun in after peak hours (4 pm onward) to avoid crowds and burns.

Barcelona August Weather Problems

Due to the uncomfortable weather tourism actually decreases in August.

While it won’t be quite as strong as southern cities like Seville and Malaga it’s not uncommon for Barcelona to experience a heatwave – with temperatures pushing 40°C.

Locals often leave the city for the cooler confines of the Pyrenees mountains, so that’s why you August tourists get a tip of the hat from me for the bravery.

To avoid problems with the heat I suggest the following:

  • Keep hydrated (bottles can be filled for free at public taps).
  • Wear light-coloured clothing.
  • Buy or rent (best at Playa del Bogatell) an umbrella at the beach.
  • Make sure your value hotel or hostel has A/C (it’s really hard to sleep without).
  • Buy attraction tickets with entrances during the hottest time of the day (they have A/C).

The weather in August in Barcelona traditionally brings 4 days of rain – so the odds of not finding sunshine are pretty low. Expect mostly light rain with the odd thundershower.

There’s low cloud cover of about 34% with little fluctuation – that type of cloudy, miserable weather found in the UK is quite rare, and thank goodness!

If you’re not a fan of high humidity you should know that humidity ranges from 56% (mild) to 90% (close to a steam bath) but rarely dips below the comfortable level of 40%.

Barcelona August Weather Tips

If you’re even remotely sensitive to humidity I suggest the following:

  • Wear loose, light clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton.
  • Don’t do any exercise outside in hot weather.
  • Keep drinking loads of water.
  • Cut back on alcoholic and sugary drinks.
  • Make sure your hotel has air conditioning.

Also expect moderate winds from 3 mph to 6 mph. That life-saving breeze won’t likely come – if you’re hoping to get some surfing or windsurfing in this (or any time) isn’t your time of year.

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Yes, the sun’s heat is going to burn your face off so this probably won’t be a surprise:

Don’t take any heavy articles of clothing.

Unlike pretty much every other month save July you aren’t going to run into any big dips in temperature so pack super light. You should only consider bringing long pants if you’re attending a conference or fancy meal.

This works wonders for people flying in on low-cost airlines to Barcelona airports like El Prat, Girona, and Reus: without the checked luggage charges pushing €50.00 you’ll save a ton.

When anticipating the heat in August make sure you pack:

  • A swimsuit.
  • Flip flops.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Shorts.
  • Loose fitting natural fabric shirts.
  • Sunscreen.

What to Do in Barcelona in August

I’ve got an entire article dedicated to things to do in August in Barcelona – read that for more detail about dates, prices, and more.


Again, it doesn’t take a genius to know that this is prime swimming season.

You’ll go full holiday mode on any of the local beaches but those looking for something a little more relaxed may consider the nearby towns of Sitges or Salou or any of the towns on the picturesque Costa Brava.

On the other hand, those looking for a degenerate party could spend a night or two in Lloret de Mar.

Outdoor Stuff

Barcelona August weather is about outdoor activities and this means a visit to either Montjuic Hill or the theme park at Tibidabo are highly recommended.

Locals save money and maximize view pleasure having picnics at Turo de la Rovira – the highest point in the city and an anti-aircraft battery protecting citizens during the Spanish Civil War.

For something central try your picnic at Ciutadella Park but any of the city’s best parks will do.

The good weather in Barcelona leads to a favourite past time of Barcelona citizens: drinking a caña (‘can-yah’, a smallish cup of beer that’ll be finished before it cools down in the Spanish sun) in any of Barcelona’s famous squares.

For the best drinking squares I suggest Plaça del Sol in the Gracia neighbourhood or either Plaça dels Traginers or Plaça de George Orwell in the famous Gothic Quarter.

Also, in August don’t forget Barcelona’s most famous street party: La Festa de Gracia.

Need something more simplistic and refreshing? Grab a cocktail at any of Barcelona’s best rooftop bars.

Famous Attractions in August

These are good any time of year but August brings special events you won’t want to miss, especially for couples visiting Barcelona.

Casa Batllo might be the most amazing house you’ve ever seen but in August they throw concerts on the roof! Casa Batllo Magic Nights are an amazing summertime event and the 2020 versions are TBA. I’ll post links when the schedule is announced.

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At La Pedrera you’ll also find Gaudi’s Pedrera: The Origins. The night time tour of Passeig de Gracia’s famous modernist apartment block includes a full tour, an incredible audiovisual display on the famous roof, and even Spanish champagne (cava) 😉

Tickets can be bought in advance from Barcelona Turisme using the banner below:

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Still Need Info on Barcelona August Weather?

If you’re not an expert on the weather in Barcelona in August then where did I go wrong? Make sure you hit me up with any comments and criticisms you may have.

And as always know that any question you have about your Barcelona holiday, no matter ridiculous, will be answered promptly below!

Have a nice August 🙂

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