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Sagrada Familia Passion Facade Guide: Unlock the Symbolism


The Sagrada Familia Passion Facade reflects a somber and dramatic tone, emphasizing the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

That said, the symbolism that evokes such profound emotions is best discovered with a little pre-visit reading.

Let’s take a deeper look at the passion facade of Sagrada Familia.

a statue hugging a column at the sagrada familia in barcelona spain

La Sagrada Familia Passion Facade Info

The Passion Façade is made in a cold and simplistic cubist style – in huge contrast to the bright, spring-like structure of the Nativity Facade.

Architect Antoni Gaudí designed it this way on purpose as he despised cubism.

Here, you’ll be met with a wall of virtually colourless sculptures and bone-like columns. It’s rather appropriate then that Gaudi designed the Passion Facade after an illness brought him almost to death’s door.

The construction only began in 1954, with the four towers of Sagrada Familia being erected in a post-war boom economy.

The sculptures on the Passion Facade depict key moments of Jesus’ final days, including his betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.

In fact, the entire story of Jesus’ downfall is told in a Z-direction from the bottom (Last Supper) to the top (the crucifixion).

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figures depicting the passion of the christ on the passion facade of sagrada familia barcelona spain

The figures are characterized by sharp angles, expressive postures, and intense facial expressions that evoke pain, anguish, and despair.

The depiction of human suffering is juxtaposed with the hope of redemption and the promise of eternal life.

One of the most striking features of the Passion Facade is the use of light and shadow to enhance the overall effect.

The play of light on the angular surfaces creates an ever-changing interplay of shadows, evoking a sense of mystery and solemnity.

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Things to Look for on the Passion Facade

Here’s a few tips for visiting Sagrada Familia with this stunning facade in mind.

In all, you should be looking for:

  • The lpha and Omega character near the door
  • The crucifixion of Christ at the top
  • Gaudi’s face hidden in a sculpture of Jesus being whipped
  • The trial
  • The final judgement
  • The magic square which requires some math to reveal a secret number

Best Ways to See the Passion Facade at Sagrada Familia

Visitors to the Sagrada Familia are encouraged to take their time exploring the intricate details of the Passion Facade.

To do so you’ll need tickets – and it is mandatory to book your time slots in advance online.

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Still Wondering About the Passion Façade at Sagrada Familia?

As the construction of the Sagrada Familia continues, the Passion Facade stands as a remarkable testament to the enduring power of art and faith.

It invites visitors to contemplate the universal themes of suffering, sacrifice, and hope, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege to witness its beauty.

Enjoy the Passion Facade at Sagrada Familia! 🙂

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