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Romantic Barcelona: 15 Attractions for Couples in Love


The Spanish affectionately refer to their better halves as their media naranja (half orange).

What I can’t actually explain is why.

A cool thing to do though, to get the most juice out of your holiday, is honour your temporary home by turning to your lover upon touchdown at Barcelona’s airport and uttering the words everyone yearns to hear:

“I love you, my half orange”.

And with that, I present you my super romantic Barcelona couples guide.

15 Romantic Barcelona Attractions and Ideas

First of all let’s be honest.

There’s nothing romantic about getting lost in a city and screaming at each other because you couldn’t manage Barcelona’s transport system, or just paid €9.00 for an orange juice because the WiFi doesn’t work

Make sure you know the city inside out by consulting my all-encompassing Barcelona guide first.

Take the Casa Mila Night Tour

Up until a couple of years ago night access to this architectural gem was restricted to VIPs.

Today there’s no better way to experience Casa Mila (aka La Pedrera) than under the cover of darkness: get a guided tour of the building with unique stairwell projections, special lighting, and a sublime soundtrack.

Cap it all off with a glass of cava and a video mapping show lighting up the chimneys on the roof terrace and you’ve got one of the most sophisticated Barcelona attractions for couples.

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Get Drunk on Wine and Flamenco

The word ‘flamenco‘ itself is said to come from the Spanish word for flame (‘flama’), and it sure can get hot watching the clapping, finger snapping, and passionate singing of Spain’s Latin ballet. Part guitar concert, part dance, part theater… all action!

Tickets include wine, optional dinner/tapas, a video presentation, and even a flamenco lesson.

You can get a €10.00 discount booking through the Barcelona Tourism Office via the button below.

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Save Money & Time and Minimize Fights

It’s no surprise but the top 2 reasons for couples fighting are time and money.

That holiday romantic mood can take a nosedive in a hurry if you get ripped off or spend too much time in line – then all of a sudden you’re arguing about the shirt/dress that she/he wore to your cousin’s wedding in ’86 and all hell breaks loose.

That’s why there’s the Barcelona Pass.

Couples like it because it allows them to book everything onlineskip lines at La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, get the best airport transport, and have 20% discount codes to almost every other Barcelona attraction including multiple ideas in this list.

For more information on the pass click here.

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Snuggle Up at a Rooftop Bar

In spring and summer the true Barcelona for couples involves roof terraces.

Share a jug of sangria with ridiculous views and leave the city chaos to the peasants below! There are few more romantic than La Isabela at the Hotel 1898 – it’s in the heart of La Rambla and the 360º view and super loungey seating provide the ultimate relaxation.

For a cheaper option with just as good a view head to the Sky Bar at Hotel Central from 8 pm. You’ll also find great views at Hotel Pulizter right near Plaça de Catalunya.

Rooftop bars are seasonal and usually operate from March to October.

Stay in a Fairytale Neighbourhood

There’s no bigger romance killer than booking a hostel, Airbnb, or hotel facing into a street of sirens and screams.

You’ll be able to pick the perfect spot for a romantic weekend by reading my in depth guide on the best area to stay in Barcelona. Do it right because there are no second chances.

For the most tranquil spots I recommend Gracia or El Born.

Share a Paella

You’re already sharing everything else! Might as well add in some tasty rice.

Spain’s most popular dish is built for sharing and one of the most romantic things to do is serving each other from one of those emblematic pans. Just grab a bib. This rice dish simmered down in a tasty broth is best piled high with shellfish and made casero style (homemade).

UPDATE: I’ve now worked out a deal with Bodega Joan to offer blog readers a special 25% discount on a paella tasting menu – click the banner below for more info:

paella tasting menu discount bodega joan barcelona

Discover Park Guell

No romantic weekend in Barcelona, especially for a honeymoon would be complete without a visit to Park Guell.

Originally built as a Utopian community by wealthy industrialist Eusebi Guell and master architect Antoni Gaudi, today it’s most famous for its undulating mosaic benches and superb city views right out of movies like Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Whether you’re visiting the paid Monumental Zone or having a picnic in the forested Free Zone there are few better places for couples in Barcelona than this dream in the city’s hills.

Park Guell
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Share a Kiss in Front of a Kiss

Not many people know this but Barcelona is home to a massive romantic mosaic in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It’s called “El Mundo Nace en Cada Beso” (“The World Begins with Every Kiss”) and was made by the photographer Joan Fontcuberta.

From far away it looks like a painting of two lips kissing, but wait! Once you get up close you’ll be blown away with the realization that it’s actually made up of hundreds of photos in tile form, submitted by Barcelona residents with the theme “a moment of freedom“.

The mural is near the Cathedral in Plaça d’Isidre Nonell (metro stop Jaume I, yellow line L4).

Watch the Sunset from the Bunkers (Turo de la Rovira)

It’s not a real romantic weekend until you get a fantastic 360º view of the city including the Sagrada Familia, the sea, and Montjuic Hill – all for the price of a metro ticket.

It’s at the top of all the romantic places in Barcelona, quite literally. The view here is so good that it was chosen for seven anti-aircraft guns to protect the city from Civil War bombing raids. If you’re looking for impact to propose this could be it.

The guns are gone, but you just might need them again to keep your half orange off you at sunset! For more information check out our article Barcelona’s Scenic Anti-Aircraft Battery Picnic.

Get a Couples Massage at Aire Barcelona

It’s never a bad thing to go for a massage package at Aire Barcelona. Here you’ll work out the kinks and have the chance to explore the six pools at one of the most beautiful spas in Europe.

Limited guests means you’re ensured complete privacy. Everything from the tea to the massages are top notch and it’s without a doubt one of the most romantic places in Barcelona if you’re looking to spoil yourself.

For more information check out their official site here.

Have Tapas in a Charming Gracia Square

The village of Gracia and its wanderable pedestrian-only streets give way to picturesque squares straight out of the movies. Best of all is the area’s independent spirit – no chain restaurants, tourist traps, or stag-dos!

You could head to peaceful Plaça Rius i Taulet for drinks or tapas under a graceful 17th century clock tower, but my favourite is the enormous Plaça del Sol and its fine tapas establishment Sol Soler. If you’re traveling with kids head to Plaça de la Vila for the impromptu soccer games and running space.

To find Gracia get off the metro at Fontana (green line L3) and you can’t miss it.


Cook Together From One of the Markets

Restaurants are fine but if you’re like me the way to your heart is through a real kitchen.

If you’ve booked a holiday flat or even don’t mind going for it in the kitchen at one of Barcelona’s best hostels then it’d be a shame not to cook with all the incredible ingredients right on your doorstep.

Head over to the stalls of the Boqueria Market or any of the other top markets to load up: if you know your way around a kitchen you’ll eat like royalty for a quarter of the restaurant price.

Spend a Sexy Night in Cadaques

One of the most romantic places in Barcelona, that’s not actually in Barcelona.

Let this picturesque seafront village of 3000 seduce you. The on-and-off home of Salvador Dali for three decades is actually so beautiful that a Chinese company is building an exact replica of the town in Xiamen Bay.

Simply grab a train to Figueres (where you could visit the Dali Museum Figueres) and then grab the bus to Cadaques. I recommend any spot on the legendary Costa Brava but this has got to be the top.


Go for a Tragic Ice Cream

You won’t find a square like this so central in any major European city.

My advice is to grab some gelato at Gelaaati di Marco and walk over to Plaça Sant Felip Neri. This eerily quiet square is a great place to hear the echoes of footsteps and maybe even a melancholy Spanish guitar piece.

The square’s tragic past involves a Spanish Civil War bombing that took the lives of 42, mostly schoolchildren. To this day you can still see shrapnel embedded in the walls. It’s a great reminder of how lucky you are to be alive. In love. In Barcelona.

Rent a Rowboat in Ciutadella Park

We’ve covered a lot of attractions but how many are nautical? Let’s have a row that’ll actually do your relationship good, with one of Barcelona’s great fun things to do for couples.

Head for the lake in Barcelona’s famous Ciutadella Park and take one of the rowboats out for a spin. At six euros for half an hour it won’t break the bank and you’ll be able to splash each other silly like any self-respecting romantic comedy couple.

Hours: Mar 24 – Sept 22 (10:00 am to 9:00 pm), Sept 23 – Mar 23 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Let Me Help You Lovebirds in the Comments Below

You’re ready to be romantic in Barcelona but why not get even more prepared?

If you’re in the mood for something much more specific then don’t hesitate to write me for custom advice in the comments below.

And as always: any question you have about your Barcelona holiday will be answered! Just try me.

  • January 23, 2018 at 11:12 pm
    Hi there I will be coming to Barcelona at the end of the month, and am wondering if the rowboats at Parc Ciutadella will be operational this time of year? Thanks for all the brilliant and easily accessible information. Any other tips for a couple on a budget would be great. Many thanks Emily
  • January 23, 2018 at 11:11 pm
    Hi there I will be coming to Barcelona at the end of the month, and am wondering if the rowboats at Parc Ciutadella will be operational this time of year? Thanks for all the brilliant and easily accessible information. Any other tips for a couple on a budget would be great.
    • January 24, 2018 at 3:16 am
      Team Member
      Hi Emily, You'll be happy to know that even though in the winter there are reduced hours (10 am to 6 pm), you'll be able to take a ride all the same. For couples on a budget make sure you check out my article on the best hostels in the city: Also, I've got a list of not only the best tapas bars in the city but 9 bars that give free food: If you're doing Sagrada Familia and Park Guell I suggest also looking at the Barcelona City Pass: It'll let you skip lines and give you 20% discounts on virtually anything you can think of. Perfect for budget conscious travelers. Anyway, hope that gets you off on the right foot :) Any more questions I am no doubt here! Ash
  • October 22, 2017 at 6:05 pm
    Hi! I have found this really helpful, thank you very much. My boyfriend is coming over soon and I wonder if you have an itinerary for a weekend (full days for Sat & Sun) because it is hard to know the order in which to plan things when you do not know the area well... Thanks :)
    • October 23, 2017 at 8:47 am
      Team Member
      Hi Jane, Thanks for the compliments on the site :) First off I would suggest you take a look at the first two days of my 3 day Barcelona itinerary. If you want to swap out one of the activities for another one (skipping the beach time since it's late in the year and adding one of the additional activities) that would work also. Without knowing exactly what type of attraction/mix of activities you're looking for it's tough to say. Please let me know more about your ages/likes/dislikes etc and I can help more. I would definitely include Sagrada Familia and Park Guell as the main activities/base on either day. Grab a paella at Xiringuito Escriba by the beach one night, do the Pedrera Night Tour another night. Then you can throw in some of the activities on the list above (roof top bars are unfortunately closed in late October)... in all you'll have a pretty packed itinerary but room for improvisation/breaks. Also, consider getting yourself a Barcelona City Card or Barcelona Card to get a ton of discounts and save money. Anyway, let me know if you need any additional advice! I am always here :) Ash
      • October 24, 2017 at 12:21 pm
        Hi Ash, That's really helpful - I have looked at the 3 day itinerary and will definitely use that as a base / for the whole thing! If you have any suggestions for night activities other than clubbing / dancing that would be really helpful, please! After dinner it is often hard to find stuff to do other than sitting at a bar or going clubbing. We will be there in the first weekend of November. Thanks :)
        • October 24, 2017 at 6:12 pm
          Team Member
          Hi Jane, You'll see it in my itinerary but one of the favourite nighttime activities is the Magic Fountain. After this I'd walk down to Calle Blai and check out some one euro pintxo bars (a type of Basque tapas) like La Tasqueta de Blai. For a classy and cultural night out you can always look into a flamenco show. Along the same lines checking out a concert at the legendary Palau de la Musica could be a cool thing to do. You could also spend an evening at the CCCB for an interesting new exhibition about climate change. Anyway, looks like you've got some choices, let me know how it all works out :) Ash
  • December 18, 2015 at 7:33 am
    Okay..this girl in the stock photo. She is stalking me! And she’s stalking everyone else, you just don’t know it. She’s the “most famous stock photo girl in the world”. First time I’ve seen her in Barcelona. Gah - she’s probably looking over my shoulder right now...
    • December 21, 2015 at 2:14 am
      Team Member
      Yes Justine apologies for her 'stocking' you! One day we'll have an original photo for this one, the day I become romantic! time will tell ;)
      • December 23, 2015 at 1:42 pm
        Justine I actually like finding her. It's a game now! I'm happy she made it to BCN too to take her sickeningly romantic shot.
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