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What is the Famous Market on Las Ramblas in Barcelona?


First-time visitors always ask me the same question: what’s the name of the famous market on Las Ramblas?

OK, so which Las Ramblas market are you talking about?

This one?

What is the Market on La Rambla?

Then this is one of the easiest questions I could ever answer! The market you have in mind is La Boqueria 🙂

Of all the best markets in Barcelona this one is the oldest.

It’s also world-renowned for its vivid colours and the incredible variety of food.

In fact, CNN voted La Boqueria the best food market in the world – that’s some pretty yummy praise.

This foodie paradise is located right in the heart of Las Ramblas so you’ll pass by it virtually by accident – so grab yourself some jamon serrano and a one euro smoothie.

Whatever you do make sure to tag us in a photo of your treats on the Barcelona Hacks Instagram page 😉

Looking for something else to visit in the area? Check out our article on the best things to do in the Gothic Quarter.

Enjoy the market on La Rambla 🤤

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