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How to Get to Sagrada Familia from Park Guell


Aside from Sagrada Familia, if there’s one other must see in Barcelona it’s Antoni Gaudi’s utopian vision at Park Guell.

Seeing them on the same day is an efficient use of time, so let me show you how to get to Sagrada Familia from Park Guell Camp Nou in no time.

The 2.3 km trip is quickest done using the metro:

Sure, Park Guell does find itself a bit far from major Barcelona train stations but the short 8 minute downhill walk to Vallcarca station on the Barcelona metro isn’t the biggest deal.

From here you’ll ride the green line three stops to Diagonal station. Change for the blue line, then ride it two stops until you get to Sagrada Familia station.

⚠️  2024 Warning ⚠️: It’s now mandatory to book your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance.

The only way to guarantee your spot is by booking Sagrada Familia tickets online.

Using the links below, you can even get no-risk free cancellation tickets:

Make sure you’ve booked your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance (it’s mandatory) and take the Calle Marina exit of the metro for the main ticket holder entrance.

The whole trip should take about 24 minutes.

Prefer taking the bus to Sagrada Familia from Park Guell?

Leave Park Guell from the Ctra de Carmel exit and just beyond the coach parking lot you’ll find bus stop 1221.

Grab the V19 (Barceloneta) bus and ride it for 12 stops until you get to the Pg. de Sant Joan – Rosselló stop.

From here, it’s an 8 minute walk down Calle de Provença to get to Sagrada Familia. Expect the whole trip to take about 26 minutes.

Finally, as crazy as it sounds maybe you want to walk to Sagrada Familia from Park Guell?

I mention this because the time difference between walking and taking the metro or bus is negligible.

The 26 minute downhill walk starts by exiting at the Ctra de Carmel exit and following Av. de Pompeu Fabra until it turns into Carrer de Sardenya – from there it’s a straight shot down to Sagrada Familia.

That said, if you’re taking the Barcelona public transport route between these two amazing sights – in the middle of an epic Barcelona sightseeing itinerary – it’s strongly advised to grab an Hola Barcelona Travel Card.

With it you can get unlimited daily travel for around €7.00 a day.

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Whatever you decide on, if you’re still unsure about getting to Sagrada Familia from Park Guell or have any other Barcelona question eating at your soul then write me in the comments below.

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