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How to Get to Sagrada Familia from Barcelona Airport El Prat


Not wanting to mess around on holiday or simply juicing a Barcelona layover for all it’s worth?

Let me show you how to get to Sagrada Familia from Barcelona Airport (El Prat) like a pro.

The 19 km trip involves multiple forms of transport so let’s take a look.

With departures every 10 minutes – and the ability to get central in just 25 minutes – the Aerobus will be your first friend on any Barcelona itinerary and gets you within striking distance of Sagrada fast.

To get to Sagrada Familia from El Prat airport: buy your Aerobus ticket in advance, show your ticket on your mobile, and board the Aerobus at either T1 or T2.

Ride it until the third stop at Placa Universitat where you can grab the Barcelona metro. Take the purple line and ride it for four stops until you get to the Sagrada Familia stop.

sagrada familia passion façade under construction sagrada familia passion façade under construction
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Keep in mind you’ll need to have booked your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance (it’s mandatory). If you’ve got your tickets take the Calle Marina exit of the metro for the ticket holder entrance.

The whole trip should take about 48 minutes.

Taking Barcelona public transport on your holiday? If you’ve planned a typical Barcelona sightseeing itinerary I suggest the Hola Barcelona Travel Card to save time and money.

With it you can get unlimited daily travel for around €7.00 a day.

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No matter what you decide on, if you’re still stuck on getting to Sagrada Familia from Barcelona Airport or have any other Barcelona question just eating away at you, make sure to write me in the comments below – I look forward to hearing from you! 😊 

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