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How Long Does it Take to Visit Sagrada Familia?


A visit to the Sagrada Familia is easily the most important stop on any visit to Barcelona.

So, knowing how long you’re going to stay is crucial to planning out the rest of your trip, particularly if you’re only in town for the weekend – so how long does it take to visit Sagrada Familia?

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Now, on to the big question of how long to spend at Sagrada Familia.

You should ask you yourself: How passionate are you about photography? Do you have time on your hands, or are you in a hurry? Or maybe you need time for confession? 😉

All of these things could add or subtract 15 minutes here or there, but in any case here’s a break down of the average Sagrada Familia visit times:

  • Outside the Basilica: 30 minutes
  • Inside the Basilica: 60 minutes
  • Museu del Temple Expiatori: 30 minutes

All in all, the average visit takes around 1.5-2 hours. If you’re buying Sagrada Familia tickets with tower access you should add an extra 20 minutes on top of that.

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And that’s it! In our quest to answer every question about Barcelona we hope we’ve added some value here.

In the meantime, feel free to write me if you have any questions on how long to spend at Sagrada Familia, or anything else Barna-related.

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