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Casa Milà or Casa Batllo? Which is Better to Visit


The Casa Mila or Casa Batllo dilemma is the million euro question when it comes to fans of Gaudían architecture.

After personally visiting each multiple times, and chatting with thousands of tourists on this blog, I am gonna come right out and say it: if you have to choose just one you should visit Casa Batlló!

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Which is Better, Casa Mila or Casa Batllo?

As with anything, the answer can vary according to your personal tastes, needs and circumstances.

So let’s take a deeper dive.

Firstly, we are talking about two masterful expressions of Catalan modernism by the master Antoni Gaudí, an architect to whom the city of Barcelona undoubtedly owes a large part of its fame.

The two houses are both UNESCO heritage sites, both are located along Passeig de Gracia and both are quite close to each other.

In fact, give the small distance I recommend observing them from the outside before you venture inside.

⚠️  2023 Warning ⚠️: It is strongly suggested to book your La Pedrera tickets in advance.

Sell outs are very common and lines on site can take 20-30 minutes.

Doing so also helps us get one step closer to our dream – doing Barcelona Hacks for a living! 🙏

So, with so many similarities, which house is better to visit?

The highlight of Casa Batlló is definitely its extraordinary facade. It’s simply impossible not to become enchanted by the house’s sheer beauty – making it one of the most popular selfies in Barcelona!

However, you won’t want to sleep on the interior. As the façade is only the beginning of the many surprises that Gaudí has ​​reserved for all those who decide to enter Casa Batlló.

On the other hand, the strong point of La Pedrera is most definitely its epic rooftop. This unique terrace is simply like no other in the world and undoubtedly an amazing expression of Gaudí’s genius! It is also difficult to leave Barcelona without visiting Casa Milà.

Prices to visit La Pedrera and Casa Batlló  

Even if we’ve established that most visitors prefer Casa Batlló, both are most definitely worth seeing.

One of the factors that could affect your choice is undoubtedly the price. For Casa Milà, a basic adult ticket costs €25.00, while for Casa Batllò they start at €35.00 and go up from there – depending on the experience you want to have.

If you want to spend less it is advisable to get Casa Mila tickets instead.

However, if you’ve decided to visit both attractions and are looking to save some money, we’ve got just the offer for you.

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So which house did you decide to visit? Or did you spring for both and can tell us which is better? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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