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Casa Batlló Ticket Prices: How Much Do Casa Batllo Tickets Cost?


A trip to Casa Batlló is a must for every visitor to Barcelona, but Casa Batllo ticket prices can get downright confusing.

In fact, there are four different Casa Batllo ticket options to choose from and each naturally has its own price.

Let’s take a look at them.

upper facade of casa batllo with balconies in barcelona spain

How much do Casa Batllo tickets cost?

I’m going to to break it down simply here.

You should first know that there are a variety of tickets on offer – and each option varies slightly by price:

Casa Batllo General Admission Ticket

Let’s start with the prices of the standard Blue Ticket, which includes an audio guide in English or over a dozen additional languages.

Casa Batlló BlueOnline PriceTicket Window Price
Senior (65+)€32.00€36.00
Youth (13 – 17)€29.00€33.00
Children (0 – 12)FreeFree
Save €4.00 Per Ticket Now

General Admission + Gaudi Cube and Virtual Reality Tablet

If you want to add a little panache to your visit then consider the upgraded Silver Ticket.

In addition to the audio guide, this option includes the Gaudí Dome immersive experience and a tablet for virtual reality (very nice!)

Casa Batlló SilverOnline PriceTicket Window Price
Senior (65+)€40.00€44.00
Youth (13 – 17)€37.00€41.00
Children (0 – 12)FreeFree
Save €4.00 on my ticket

Gaudi Cube and Virtual Reality Tablet + Fast Pass Tickets

The most comprehensive option is the elite Gold package, which includes everything that the silver has plus the fastpass.

With the fastpass you won’t be required to queue for even one minute. The entrance to the private residence of the Batlló family and ticket change/cancellation is also included.

Casa Batlló GoldOnline PriceTicket Window Prices
Senior (65+)€42.00€46.00
Youth (13 – 17)€39.00€43.00
Children (0 – 12)FreeFree
Save €4.00 on my ticket

Casa Batllo Early Morning Ticket Visits (No Crowd)

If you’re passionate about photography, I suggest you opt for the early morning Be the First ticket.

Here you’ll have the best light for those crucial Instagrammable shots from both the Casa Batllo roof and Casa Batllo interior, as you’ll find very few visitors inside the house.

Casa Batlló Early MorningOnline PriceTicket Window Price
Senior (65+)€42.00€46.00
Youth (13 – 17)€39.00€43.00
Children (0 – 12)FreeFree
Casa Batllo Morning Visit
Book My Tickets Now

But first, it’s important to remind you that buying tickets online is essential to be guaranteed a spot – not to mention they cost €4 more at the box office!

Finally, if in addition to Casa Batlló you are also interested in visiting La Pedrera and Palau Guell for an ultimate feast of Gaudì’s works then, I point out the 3 Houses of Gaudì package.

Three Houses of Gaudi PassPrice
Senior (65+)€74.00
Students (18-25)€69.00
Teens 13-17€77.00
Young people (11-12) €33.00
Kids (7-10)€15.00
Kids (0-6)Free

This also includes a 10% discount on all other attractions and a public transport card:

Book my ticket now!

Still Unclear on the Prices of Casa Batllo?

OK, so hopefully you now understand the differences between the Casa Batllo ticket prices.

If you still have doubts about the Casa Batllo price or any other of the best things to do in Barcelona, make sure to leave me a message in the comments below! 😊

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