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Casa Batlló Interior: What to Expect on a Visit


If you’re wondering whether to commit to Casa Batlló tickets, you’ll probably need to know what’s in the Casa Batllo interior first.

I’ll try and break things down without too many spoilers so you can make a decision on whether to visit.

What’s in the Interior of Casa Batllo?

Antoni Gaudí, together with the best craftsmen of the time, was well-versed in how to use simple materials such as wood, ceramics and iron in order to create something spectacular.

As such, they made sure to make the interior of the house as beautiful as its stunning façade.

Once inside Casa Batlló you’ll encounter:

  • The Vestibule: with its turtle-shell skylights and hand scroll, it resembles the spine of a sea monster (or the famous roof dragon) which transports us to the bottom of the sea, as soon as we walk through the entrance.
  • The Noble Floor: is the maximum expression of Catalan modernism and the center of the house, which shows how the bourgeoisie of the time loved to be noticed. Here we find the famous large windows overlooking Passeig de Gracia and a ceiling which recounts the appearance of the vortex of a stormy sea.
  • The Internal Courtyard: with its spectacular blue tiles created to distribute the light evenly throughout the house.
  • The Terrace: with the famous roof, the chimneys and the four-pointed cross. From here you can also enjoy a beautiful view of Passeig de Gracia and part of the Eixample district.
  • The Attic: with simple and unique shapes, which was used by the house’s service personnel.
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With Casa Batllo tickets a visit to the interior of the Casa Batlló does not end here.

Your trip will be enriched by various interactive and sensory experiences. The smart audio guide allows you to see in augmented reality both how the spaces of the time were used and how some corners of the house “come to life”.

⚠️  2024 Warning ⚠️: It is strongly suggested to book your Casa Batllo tickets in advance.

Sell outs are very common and lines on site can take 20-30 minutes – not to mention ticket windows are 4.00€ more expensive.

Doing so also helps us get one step closer to our dream – doing Barcelona Hacks for a living! 🙏

It’s also possible to access the Gaudí Cube, an interactive space made up of LED screens that collect plans, projects and drawings by the famous architect.

In order to skip the line and avoid missing out on a visit to the beautiful interior of Casa Batlló, make sure to buy your tickets online:

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Are you still having doubts about visiting Casa Batlló? Leave us a comment, we’re sure to reply to everyone!

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