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Can You Buy Sagrada Familia Tickets at the Door in 2024?


Barcelona’s epic church welcomes millions of paid visitors a year, but can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets at the door?

The answer is… kind of.

I know, it’s a stupid answer, but let’s look deeper into the new system for buying tickets at the door in 2024.

Can You Buy Tickets to Sagrada Família at the Door?

The short answer? No, you cannot buy Sagrada Familia tickets at the door.

The days of lining up and grabbing some last minute Sagrada Familia tickets at the box office, at least in the traditional sense, are long gone.

Instead of a box office, you’ll now see a series of QR codes where you’re prompted to buy tickets with your smart phone.

Yes, you can do this while standing near the door, but it’s not buying tickets at the door – if you catch my drift.

In essence, to save money on staff, and as part of the new post-COVID world, they’re forcing you to buy your tickets online.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, as I’ll demonstrate with the graphic below…

I repeat: it is not only recommended, but essential to buy your tickets in advance online.

The reason? Sagrada Familia sells out constantly.

The odds that you can just roll up and grab tickets for the current time slot are basically zero.

So let’s figure out how to guarantee our tickets, shall we?

stained glass windows at sagrada familia in barcelona spain

Alternatives to Buying Tickets at the Door: Online Tickets

While you could go scan the QR codes on site and book with your phone… what’s the point?

If you’re being forced to buy online anyway, you might as well keep personal control of the situation by booking in advance to lock in your preferred time slots.

Nobody wants to be forced to come back hours later, or even more common, be told to come back another day.

  • The QR Codes are Inconvenient: The Sagrada Família is the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona, with up to 3 million visitors annually. Jockeying with tourists to scan a QR code and fumble for your credit card in the Spanish heat makes no sense.
  • Guaranteed Access: By booking online, you’ll skip the queues and ensure your entry. Even if the venue restricts access due to capacity, your pre-purchased ticket guarantees admission.
  • Peak Seasons: Especially during peak seasons (April to September), the Sagrada Família can reach its visitor capacity. Don’t risk missing out—book ahead!

For more info on what kinds of tickets, click the button below:

Lock in your timeslot now!

Nevermind the Door: How to Lock in Sagrada Familia Timeslots

If you’re not going to get tickets on the door, which I already outlined is a fool’s errand, I suggest going with the most popular Sagrada Familia ticket seller: Tiqets.

  • They’ve got the greatest customer service team for any post-buy inquiries in English
  • They offer instant ticket delivery for smart phone access
  • They throw in a free downloadable audio guide with all Sagrada Familia purchases

Still need more info on the service?

Feel free to take a look at the reviews of over 26,000 Sagrada Familia ticket buyers on their site.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you the booking links for the most common tickets:

If there is no availability for your desired ticket, enter this page and enter your dates – only the options with availability will appear.

Still Want to Get La Sagrada Familia Tickets at the Door?

In summary, while you could technically can buy tickets at the door using their QR codes, smart travelers opt for online booking.

I’d rather you enjoy Sagrada Família instead of worrying about coming back later – or worse yet getting shut out! 🌟🏰

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