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Best Restaurants Near Camp Nou: Where Eat Near the Nou Camp


Whether you’ve just watched Barça mash another opponent or are just peckish after a walk through the museum, here’s some top advice on where to eat near the Camp Nou.

map on top restaurants near camp nou

Frankfurt Predralbes: what we call hotdogs abroad they generally call frankfurt in Spain, and it’s also the name of a type of sandwich shop/grill. To be clear, frankfurt shops are often frequented by workers on the go. Here you’ll get meat between buns of all kinds, mostly sausages: white, black, with mushrooms, chorizo and many others – they’ve also got hamburgers. Excellent idea for a quick, cheap, authentic local bite. It’s 15 minutes from the stadium, near Pedralbes Park.

La Nueva Marquesa: this is a very renowned restaurant in the area, which despite its fame has remained faithful to the principle of accessibility and quality. They offer Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine with meat and fish dishes. At lunch they have a very good menu with appetizer, main course, and dessert for €13.95. It’s a 7-minute walk from Camp Nou.

That’s Amore: here you can eat the famous pinza Romana, one of the best I’ve tried in Barcelona: this square pizza has a nice puffy dough, light and crunchy. Really good quality ingredients, none of that fake mozzarella! Ideal to hit up if you’re visiting Barcelona with kids.

Restaurante De Angelis: excellent pizza and a few spicy Calabrian dishes, ideal before or after a game 🙂 Very few spots have their pizza and pasta taste equally good but this is it! If you want to travel to Italy next, this is a good sneak preview.

La Riera: one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, what stands out for me here is their lunch set menu. It is a typical restaurant with precise table service. Four courses for around €10.00 makes this the best cheap restaurant near Camp Nou.

a tourist makes paella at a cooking workshop in barcelona a client participates in a paella cooking class in barcelona
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Before Finding a Place to Eat Near Camp Nou

Ok! So that’s it for places to eat near Camp Nou.

That said, if you’re visiting I want to remind you to buy your Camp Nou tickets online in advance.

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Finally, whether it’s the best restaurants to eat near Camp Nou or anything else – don’t hesitate to write me with questions below!

Enjoy your day out at Camp Nou! 🤝

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