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Get the Best Kebab in Barcelona at 7 Legit Restaurants


It’s 3 am at the kebab roulette wheel. Armed with only a crumpled up fiver, an iron stomach, and a hope for a better tomorrow, you begin the sacred inebriated plea to Saint Shawarma…

Oh ye doner kebab, greasy companion of the night, do me no harm for I come in peace.

My faithful readers it doesn’t have to be like this. Because just when you thought it was all substandard shavings on stale bread, Barcelonahacks strikes again!

Here’s how to get the best kebab in Barcelona

Best Kebab in Barcelona


Area: Gracia | Carrer Encarnació 44 | Metro: Joanic (yellow line L4) | Website

34 years ago a Lebanese man named Jihad (yes, I know) came to Barcelona to study pharmacy, ended up marrying a Catalan woman, and became a Barcelona kebab pioneer.

It’s said that he marinates his ‘home-stacked’ lamb spits between 2 and 4 o’clock every morning. The shawarma is obviously the star here though I strongly advise you try the falafel or the  incredible homemade hummus. The price is right so be prepared to queue.

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Area: Gracia | Carrer Mozart 4 | Metro: Fontana (green line L3) | Website

Without a doubt the most famous and possibly the best Barcelona kebab. The perfectly spiced artisan meat spits are well known to several generations of Barcelonians. You’ll almost forget the tacky decor and irritating music.

Small homemade pita breads are stuffed to the brim but you may still consider seconds, even if you’re full … pure doner kebab bliss for 3.70! Get the house hot sauce if you dare.

a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain
Get 25% off a paella tasting menu at the legendary Bodega Joan!

Dionisos Quick Greek

Area: El Gotico | Carrer dels Escudellers 42 | Metro: Jaume I (yellow line L4) | Website

In my opinion the best kebab in Barcelona. Right in Placa George Orwell. Here we’re talking about Greek-style gyro meat on freshly made pita bread.

I knew this place would be good when the owner apologised profusely for not having any hot sauce. He explained that it was made fresh daily and they’d run out – and that he wouldn’t be caught dead serving that ‘pre-made shit’. Try some of the baklava for a tasty dessert.


Area: El Gotico | Carrer de la Fusteria 6-8 | Metro: Barceloneta (yellow line L4) | Website

This Turkish restaurant is as good for a sit down dinner as it is a kebab on the go. Expect to pay no more than €10.00 a piece for top notch grilled meat shish, vegetables, and drink. Also a wide selection of Mediterranean appetizers like stuffed vine leaves, hummus and pita etc.

Thick pieces of meat make for big portions and it’s one of the only restaurants in the area open until 3 am. Go for the super durum with cheese and two types of meat. Baklava dessert is a must.

There’s also another location in El Raval at Rambla del Raval 15.

Buen Bocado

Area: El Gotico | Carrer Escudellers, 58 | Metro: Liceu (green line L3) | Website

An optimal location in the heart of the Gotico and a Barcelona doner kebab institution since 1982 . The meat is tough to beat but why not try the the best falafel in Barcelona? Here it’s all about the durum kebab (a type of flatbread roll and not a pita).

The larger portions here will fill you up. Make sure to tell them ‘sin picante, por favor‘ (not spicy, please) if you can’t handle a bit of heat.

a tourist makes paella at a cooking workshop in barcelona a client participates in a paella cooking class in barcelona
Reserve your apron at Barcelona’s five star paella cooking class with no money down.

El Cocinero de Damasco

Area: El Gotico | Carrer Templers 2 | Metro: Jaume I (yellow line L4) | Website

At this family-run joint you’ll find multiple generations of shawarma shredders dating back to a grandfather’s Damascus restaurant, hence the name. Falafels are rolled out and fried right before your very eyes and thrown in a thin, pancake-like bread.

The mint and gherkins take it to a whole new level! Did I mention the meat? More homemade spits with the perfect blend of spices. You’ll pay a bit more here (4.50) but it’s worth every penny.

Bismillah Kebabish

Area: El Raval | Joaquin Costa 22 | Metro: Universitat (red line L1 purple line L2) | Website

At Bismillah they cook the meat on the spit and then cook it again on the grill with all sorts of delicious veg. The kebabs are served in naan bread homemade in their tandoori oven. The chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and shish kebab platters are also ridiculous value (4.50 with chips or rice with salad).

Add a spoonful of their thyme-infused yogurt sauce and a hit of chili sauce and you guessed it! Flavourtown, population: you.

Still Looking for the Best Kebab Restaurant in Barcelona?

We don’t have to end it here. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything regarding the best kebab in Barcelona. And remember: any question you have about your Barcelona holiday will be answered promptly in the comments below.

Happy eating 🙂

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