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Barcelona With Kids: Things to Do with Children in 2023


Some call it Europe’s adult Disneyland yet you’re coming to Barcelona with kids.

Nicely done!

You’ll actually find that there are just as many child-friendly attractions in Barcelona as anything else – from spacious parks to educational museums to a giant octopus with slides for tentacles.

I’m also going to show you where to eat with kids, how to get around, and where to stay.

Let’s get into it.

Things to Do in Barcelona With Kids

Hop on Hop Off Bus

Have your kids ever made a scene for having to walk too much? Problem solved.

If they also love bus rides then this is a no-brainer, and with the double decker beauties at Bus Turistic they’ll get double the fun. Sit up top in the sun and learn with an educational audio guide covering 87 Barcelona attractions.

You may want to bring your own earphones for kids as the ones on the bus can be too big. Also, bring your tablet as a back up as the kids also love the free WiFi.

Buying online using the button below gives you a 10% discount off window rates.

Save €3.00 per ticket

The Magic Fountain

Update 06/10/21: The Magic Fountain has re-opened to the public but with limited hours and functionality (see link below). For updates please check out my group I’m Off to Barcelona.

A can’t miss for your little ones if you don’t mind getting a bit wet. Right at the foot of the glorious Palacio Nacional is this 20 minute Magic Fountain show and its 3620 water jets and 4760 lights.

Here you’ll see over 7 billion light/water combinations.

It’s all synchronized to a musical score with shows varying from classical to modern pop. I haven’t heard of a disappointed kid yet. Check the Magic Fountain calendar for more information on times.


Any guide for Barcelona with families should include something educational, shouldn’t it? And here I’m talking about both the children and the adults. This science museum is home to a plethora of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

At the Amazonian rain forest exhibition children love the piranhas and crocodiles and the Planetarium will take you on an adventure into space not soon forgotten. The ‘toca toca’ (‘touch touch’) section may beat them all, allowing your kids to touch exotic animals!

Best of all? At only €5.70 it’s one of the cheapest things to do with children in Barcelona.

Save 5% booking online

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Yes, it’s a monastery at the peak of a mountain with spectacular views of the city. Not exactly what your kids would consider among the many fun things to do… but wait, there’s an amusement park!

This retro amusement park was built in 1889. You can’t leave without a spin on the Ferris Wheel or the world’s first flight simulator. You’ll also get great street theater and kid-friendly shows.

Get a 5% discount off window rates booking with Barcelona Tourisme using the button below. Tickets also include bus tickets from Plaça Catalunya.

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The Aquarium

The Barcelona for kids that I know wouldn’t skip out on the animals! Let them discover an underwater world made up of 35 tanks including the spectacular 260 foot underwater tunnel. There’s nothing quite like standing in the midst of all that life.

At feeding time the 118 foot ocean tank holding massive sharks, rays, penguins, and other large fish is a must. In all your family will see over 11,000 animals made up of 450 species.

It’s the most educational aquarium dedicated to Mediterranean marine life in the world.

Book my tickets now

Bogatell Beach

Letting your kids burn off the delicious but caloric Catalan cuisine in their stomachs while playing football or swimming at one of Barcelona’s best beaches may sound like an obvious one, but where?

There are 4 different beaches in the city centre (some being nudist, places for young people to drink etc.) so you’re going to want to select the most family-friendly beach. Cue Platja del Bogatell.

With cleaner waters, a children’s playground, superior shower and toilet facilities, and a decent proximity to the city centre your kids will thank you!

Just get off the Bogatell metro station (yellow line L4) and walk the 600 meters down.

Illa Fantasia

Of all the water parks near Barcelona this is the closest to the city. It’s also arguably the water park with the greatest amount of amenities of the bunch.

The 70,000 m2 water park is home to 22 slides, 3 giant pools, and a massive picnic area.

The slides are great for kids or adults ranging from low to fast to extreme speeds.

There are relatively short lines, nine restaurants, and a free shuttle bus from the city.

Tickets (button below) go back on sale in the spring of 2022.

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The Camp Nou Experience

This one is self-explanatory for places to visit with kids in Barcelona, especially football lovers.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger treasure trove of football memorabilia than Barcelona FC’s historic stadium. You’ll see Messi’s Golden Boots, the team’s Champions League trophies, and learn the history of the world’s best club via a massive interactive space.

What could make this better? Touring the stadium of course. From walking onto the pitch via the player’s tunnel to sitting around the dressing rooms your children will be footballers for a day.

Booking with the link below includes a free city guide and skip the line access.

Save €3.50 on my ticket

Another option? If you’re there in season check out one of the matches.

tourists lining up outside casa batllo in barcelona spain tourists lining up outside casa batllo in barcelona spain
Skip lines and save money buying tickets online!

Ice Cream!

Another idea for visiting Barcelona with children with a guaranteed 100% strike rate!

Being half-Italian I find myself partial to the artisan gelato spots spread throughout the city: a great one in the Gothic Quarter near the famous cathedral is Gelaaati di Marco.

Near Sagrada Familia church you’ll also get Sante Gelato with their traditional and more adventurous flavours – the goat cheese and caramelized fig was amazing.

Looking for equal sweetness in the winter cold? Grab some delish churros con chocolate.

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La Rambla

Barcelona’s most famous street offers a million distractions for your little ones.

Here toddlers and smaller children can’t get enough of the street artists. To find these crazy people dressed as mythical creatures, footballers, movie characters, and even a table freshly set with paella you should head to the end of the street around metro stop Drassanes.

It’s best to avoid this place at night due to Barcelona pickpockets.

The Chocolate Museum

Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Let’s learn about the history of chocolate as an obscure American ingredient to its conquering of a continent using Barcelona’s port. All while your children stuff their your mouths.

At the Museu de la Xocolata you’ll find creative things to do with kids like the ‘Chocolate Artists‘ activity where they make sculptures and even paint in chocolate. The interactively tasty workshops are great for adults too.

Get a 5% discount booking online at Barcelona Tourisme clicking the button below.

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The Zoo

For animal lover children and toddlers what better place to visit than a zoo that holds 2000 animals and over 300 species? Some highlights are the hippopotamus, the common lion, the Rothchild’s giraffe, cheetahs, and the Western lowland gorilla.

Some free activities for kids included in ticket prices are: penguin feedings, elephant training sessions, dolphin shows, and the “farmer’s task” workshop that teaches children how to look after animals.

Booking using the button below gets visitors a 5% discount on the window price.

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The Port Cable Car

Why not float 300 feet above the city and take in the best panoramic views around?

What can only be described as a type of urban ski-lift will take you on a 7 minute voyage from the port area of Barceloneta all the way up Barcelona’s tallest hill: Montjuic. Along the way you’ll see the sea, Las Ramblas, the Arc de Triomf, Sagrada Familia, and more.

The arrival at the Torre de Miramar in an amazing place to take in the city and the gardens here are a great place to wander – just be prepared to hold the family tight during the breath-taking swing at the first tower!

Tickets cannot be bought online and must be purchased in person – more info here.

El Bosc de Les Fades

Parents, don’t ever tell me I don’t have your back because I’m thinking about you on this one. If you just had to take a break from Barcelona’s children’s activities and dive into one of the many bars in Barcelona this would be it.

First off it has solid baked goods and coffee – but there’s also sangria and some pretty stiff gin and tonics too. It’s also fairy tale land. The whole bar is made up to be a woodland complete with simulated thunder storms.

Look for this truly unique bar at the bottom of La Rambla next to the Wax Museum.

Ciutadella Park

Still don’t know what to do in Barcelona with kids? Do as you do at home: go play in the park.

You’ll find Barcelona’s biggest park near the famous Arc de Triomf in the fashionable Born district. My advice would be to buy a cheap football to have a kick around the open space. You can also take a picnic lunch for the ultimate family day out.

A great thing to do for kids is explore the park’s artificial lake in the rowboats available for rent. Prices start at just €6.00 with rentals going from 10 am to dusk.

La Boqueria Market

The explosion of colours, sounds, and tastes found at the biggest market in Barcelona isn’t just for adults. Children can’t get enough of the €1.00 fruit smoothies and little fruit cups. This is a great chance to eat healthily but be careful because there are candy and ice cream stalls galore.

Kids also have a strange obsession with the hams hanging from the ceiling and the many rare cuts of meat and still-alive seafood. It gets crowded so keep the kids close: I recommend visiting before 10 am or after 4 pm.

Looking for a less crowded alternative? Try the Santa Caterina market.

the barcelona hop on hop off bus at the bottom of la rambla the barcelona hop on hop off bus at the bottom of la rambla
Discover Barcelona in complete comfort

Where to Eat with Kids


€€ Area: Born | Carrer de la Fusina 3 | Metro: Jaume I (various) | Website

Kids are more than welcome at this classic tapas bar in El Born.

Here you’ll get all the typical Spanish dishes (try the fried artichokes!) for adults to enjoy while the kids entertain themselves drawing with crayons.

They also have an extensive hamburger and sandwich menu which is great for picky eaters.

There’s also high chairs if needed.


€€ Area: Eixample | Carrer de Lepant 241 | Metro: Sagrada Familia (various) | Website

If you’re visiting the Sagrada Familia this bar/café is a great choice not because they’re child-friendly – but because it’s entirely dedicated to children!

There are designated play areas as well as toys and colours for children under 3.

Here you can eat a sandwich on the fly or even try some homemade desserts. There’s also a great Sunday brunch option which shouldn’t be missed.


€€ Area: Poble Nou | Carrer de Roc Boronat 114 | Metro: Poblenou (L4) | Website

This chain of vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants has many locations but my favourite is the bright Poble Nou location right in front of a great park for kids to play.

Here you can have lunch or breakfast with high quality ingredients. Think Mediterranean with some Asian influence. If you’re big on soups and salads this is a great option.

All locations have high chairs, changing tables, and children’s books.

Bar Convent

€€ Area: Born | Carrer del Comerç 36 | Metro: Jaume 1 (L4) | Website

This Born bar is a beautiful stone walled spot where you can have breakfast or drink a coffee overlooking the courtyard of an old convent.

Grab a draft beer or some Argentinian empanadas here, making it a great place to mix it up from the typical kid-friendly restaurants.

Here you’ll get tons of games for children and the standard changing tables and high chair.


€€ Area: Eixample | Carrer Pau Claris 90 | Metro: Urquinaona (various) | Website

This bar which bills itself as a new generation coffee shop is famous for its cakes and will catapult your little ones to the world of Alice in Wonderland. Their goal? To help you eat, play, and think.

Here they have everything needed for children’s entertainment: a giant blackboard, books, crafts area, games and coloring material.

And yes: children’s menus, high chairs, and changing table.

Plaça de Masadas

€€ Area: La Sagrera | Plaça de Masadas | Metro: La Sagrera (various)

This square in the Sagrera district is great if you decide to go to the Parc de Can Dragò playground to play with the mega octopus. It’s not a restaurant, but a big area full of kids.

During the weekend it fills up with families who become the square’s undisputed masters! Under the arcades there are places to eat for all tastes with menus suitable for children.

In particular I’d suggest going to Lapanat for tapas.

Getting Around Barcelona with Kids


Kids under four ride free on Barcelona’s public transport network.

To save money on transport I recommend getting the Hola Barcelona Card. This unlimited transport pass can cost as little as €6.84 a day (kids under 4 ride free) and is available in 48, 72, 96, and 120 hour formats.

If you really want to put out the effort keep in mind that kids 4-16 who are registered as residents in the TMB area can ride free if you mail in a pass request. This pass is called the T-16 and you can find more info about it here. FYI: this involves an identity check and can take up to 30 days.

Need transport plus attractions? There’s the Barcelona Card. You get unlimited transport, free entrance to 25 museums, and 85 discounts on attractions, shows, food, shopping, and more.

Passes for children start at just €19.00.

A bit confused on which pass is for you? See a page comparing the two options clicking the button below.

Which is right for you?

If you’re arriving at Barcelona airport and need a quick taxi solution that includes complimentary car seats for children: you can get a free ride quote at the Taxileader website.

Exploring by Bicycle

Even though this is the transport section, one of the best things to do in Barcelona with kids is getting around the open air with a bicycle. In a city of 300 km of bike lanes there’s no sense not soaking up the sun and keeping fit at the same time.

At the moment parents can rent bikes for their children starting as low as €2.50 an hour including helmet. Whether you’re cycling between attractions or going on a long ride along the beach with ice cream stops this is highly recommended.


Where to Stay in Barcelona with Kids

For many reasons mostly including noises and crowds I am going to suggest not staying in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or the pickpocket-heavy confines of El Raval.

In my opinion the best area to stay with kids is the Eixample district. From here you’ll minimize your dependence on transport and avoid all the late night shenanigans of the city’s tourists.

Another great option is to stay is classy El Born for its proximity to Ciutadella Park as well as the beach. You also can’t go wrong in the mini-village of Gracia which maintains an independent charm not seen elsewhere in the city.

For more elaborate info read my article on Barcelona’s best lodging neighbourhoods.

a flamenco dancer takes a dance step in barcelona spain two flamenco dancers take a dance step in barcelona spain
Don’t miss the city’s most exclusive shows!

Parks for Kids

Park Guell

You’ve probably heard all about the city’s most amazing park, and this is the perfect place to combine playing with your kids and getting some quality sightseeing in!

If you buy tickets for the Monumental Zone (button below) you’ll get access to the famous mosaic lizard – a big hit with kids. There are also fountains and a stunning panoramic view of the city.

In the Free Zone you’ll find multiple picnic spaces, four playgrounds (two sand, two rubber), a basketball court, and a huge forest full of birds and eucalyptus trees with people walking their dogs.

Park Guell
Book my tickets now!

Ciutadella Park

Right near the Ciutadella-Vila Olimpica (L4) and Arc de Triomf (L1) metro stations you’ll find the city centre’s biggest park.

It’s flat so it’s a good place for a lie down or a run around.

You’ll also have access to yet another gigantic ornamental fountain as well as an artificial lake where you can rent a boat and row among the ducks.

It’s also home to my friend’s kids’ favourite playground in the whole city. Look for the fenced park behind the lake. There are tons of playground activities, trunks and stones, a vegetable garden, and even a house with a bridge.

During summer (times vary) there are fountains for water fights… careful of the mud!


This local mountain (if you can call it that) is a must when visiting Barcelona with children.

Here you’re truly spoiled for choice for the number of parks and gardens where your little ones can run and play. I recommend the Joan Brossa Gardens for its play area with sand, water, slides, swings, ‘sound pillows’ and mini wooden suspension bridge.

Near here the Joan Mirò Museum offers workshops with children’s activities.

Take bus 150 from Plaza España or metro L3 to Parallel and then the Montjuic funicular.

Parc del Laberint de Horta

I talked about this at length in my post on Barcelona’s best parks and generally lament the fact that it’s a bit far out – but if you’re willing to put in the metro/subway time it’s well worth.

You may know this park from the famous scene in the movie Perfume.

There’s a massive maze carved out of hedges which kids just love.

Admission costs €2.25 for adults (free for kids under 5)

Take metro L3 to Mundet.

Playgrounds for Kids in Barcelona

Parc de la Estacio del Nord

This central park is not far from the aforementioned Parc de la Ciutadella and is located right at the exit of the Arc de Triomf metro (Calle Nàpols exit).

Here you’ll get several interesting things for children including slides, swings, and a unique spiral/mountain-like structure where they (and you?) can run and play.

Near here you’ll also find a strategic little bar where parents can sit have a coffee/beer.

Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes

In Les Glories Park (still under constructions) you’ll find one of the newest playgrounds in the city – the result of a worldwide competition to turn what was once an ugly thoroughfare into a green space.

Here you’ll be able to play pingpong, go for a run on a mini track, or seek some summer shade in one of the pergolas.

There’s also a standard playground and bar for refreshments.

Take metro L1 to Glories.

Plaça de Vicenç Martorell

If you’re tiring yourselves out walking the famous La Rambla then I recommend ducking into this urban oasis in the middle of the Raval neighbourhood.

Here you’ll find all sorts of activities for children like swings, a little slide, and a space to run around and play ball games.

Careful though, things can get a little dusty!

Parc de Can Dragò

This park is a bit on the fringe of the city but I recommend it because it has one of the best playgrounds in the city!

The star of the show? A huge octopus whose tentacles are giant slides.

It’s so popular there are likely to be lines on weekends, so leave plenty of time.

There’s also a swing set and various games for children.

Take metro L1 to Fabra i Puig.

General Tips for Visiting with Children

  • Spanish dinner hours are normally between about 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm, with many top restaurants closing in the middle of the day. Plan kids’ snacks accordingly with supermarket visits.
  • If you travel with kids you’ll know the pain! For pharmacies keep your eyes peeled for fluorescent green or red plus signs. A centrally located 24 hour pharmacy is open at Carrer Aribau 62 should you need it.
  • If you’re visiting in June, July, or August it’s recommended to pack hats and sunscreen.
  • Leave some room for improvisation! Barcelona is a great city to walk around and get lost, even for children.

Get More Info Talking to Me

I can only imagine how difficult it is to visit Barcelona with kids, and all I’ve done is write an article! If I’ve missed anything or you need any custom advice please be in touch with me in the comments below.

Happy travels 🙂

  • May 26, 2018 at 5:51 pm
    Hi Ash, I'm hoping to take the kids to Parc Guell and CosmoCaixa on the same day and I understand that they are relatively close. Can you tell me if it is walking distance or if it's best to take a bus from Parc Guell? Also, what is the easiest way to get back to the city centre from CosmoCaixa? It doesn't look close to a metro stop on the map. Many thanks!
    • May 28, 2018 at 4:01 pm
      Team Member
      Hi Vivian, Provided your kids don't mind a 30 minute walk it is certainly doable from Park Guell. I've mapped out the route here if you need a visual hand. You'll get back central by walking about 20 minutes to the Vallcara metro station. It'll be downhill so actually quite an easy walk, especially in the sun! Unfortunately these are the best options give the museum's being slightly in an inconvenient place... but by no means not doable. In fact, I prefer walking in the city especially during high season. Ash
  • December 1, 2017 at 1:08 am
    Hi Ash, Your site is amazing! So much helpful information! This is a great amount of work you did! I am planning our first European vacation which includes Barcelona, Madrid and Seville and feeling quite overwhelmed. I have the list of sites we want to visit in Barcelona and hoping you can help me to structure my list. It's going to be me, my husband and our two boys - 8 yo and 3 yo. We are coming to Barcelona on December 25th and leaving on January 1st. Main challenges as I see it, obviously my kids and holidays. So careful and thoughtful planning can really make a difference. For one of the days, we'll definitely will follow your "3 days in Barcelona" day 1 list. Do you think it's doable with kids? But the rest I need help with :) Here what else we would like to visit: - Montserrat - Montjuic Hill - Chocolate Museum - Cosmo Caixa - Las Rambles - Gothic Quarters - The Magic Fountains - Cintadella Park - it it worth it during Winter? - Picasso Museum - Aquarium We are staying close to La Rambles I believe - on Carrer Cabanes. I am really considering Barcelona City pass, but not sure if we need to add Hola BCN card though... Would appreciate any input from you. Feel free to "reject" any items on a list - I know I am being ambitious here :) Also, any suggestions on what to do for the New Year with kids near where we are staying would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and looking forward to hear from you, Anna P.S. Would you be able to help with Seville planning or know similar to yours sites? I wasn't able to find it yet...
    • December 1, 2017 at 7:49 pm
      Team Member
      HI Anna, First of all thanks for the kudos, it really makes my work worthwhile :) Also, good on you for jumping into all of this head first and trying to provide your family with an action packed holiday! Not having kids myself I may think things are easier than they are, but I'll try and be as realistic as possible. First off, you've got 5-6 days so I think you'll be able to fit it all in, that said I would recommend dividing the attractions up by area to minimize travel and stress. Day 1 of my itinerary depends on if you'll be taking tours of the insiders or not. Doing all 3 I imagine would wear on children quite a bit... I would max the tours out at 2 a day. Sagrada is a can't miss of can't misses so definitely do that (included with City Pass)... then, unless you're really really set on seeing both I'd stick to one tour of La Pedrera or Casa Batllo. Factoring in meals, improvisations, transport mixups, and kids I would even end day one there just not to overwhelm yourselves. Park Guell can be put in another day. Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, and the aquarium can easily be done in 4-5 hours and are all walking distance to each other. Throw in two meals there and you've got day two done. On day 3 you could start with a stroll in the park (it's way better in summer but on a crisp sunny winter day still worth a peek) then take a quick walk to the Chocolate Museum or Picasso Museum (or both)... then take an early afternoon break before a late afternoon visit of Montjuic with the Magic Fountain show (you'll essentially just have to walk downhill from Montjuic in the early evening). Day 3, done. Day four I would combine Cosmo Caixa and Park Guell as they're both about 300 meters apart. Again, with only 2 attractions it minimizes stress and travel and gives you time to improvise. This leaves you with one more day which you could use to go to Montserrat - it's beautiful up there and the tram/train rides are great for kids. For New Year's I would say the official fireworks display in Plaza Espanya (right near the magic fountain), just make sure you get there early at around 11 to get a spot. With all these attractions you would be a fool not to get the City Pass and its 20% discounts... that said, the way I've divided the attractions by neighbourhood means you'll be doing less transport. Depending on where your hotel is you should be able to get by with a couple interpersonal T-10 cards which cost 9.95 for 10 rides For Seville I've unfortunately never been so wouldn't know where to start :( I do however really respect Nomadic Matt and it looks like he's got a good section on Sevilla. Maybe start there. OK, I'm rambling on a bit here. If you've got any more questions you know where to find me :) Cheers, Ash
      • December 1, 2017 at 8:40 pm
        Hi Ash, Thank you so much - this is exactly what I was looking for! Your knowledge and expertize are extremely helpful! Your website is well organized, articles are easy to read and your prompt responses and willingness to help simply priceless. One more thing, we are arriving during the day on December 25th, is there anything we should visit at night? Any activities? Or its mostly time spend home with a family? Thank you, Anna
        • December 2, 2017 at 1:13 am
          Team Member
          Hi Anna, December 25th is a weird day to get in and you'll find most shops and attractions closed. That said, I would go to to Plaza Catalunya and check out the Christmas light display at the El Corte Ingles department store and follow Portal d'Angel all the way down into the Gothic Quarter for some more cool lights. The Magic Fountain has a special Christmas presentation that you could watch. Also Park Guell and La Pedrera are open... if you're taking one of them out of my day one itinerary you could squeeze it in on your arrival day. For more Christmas related stuff check out my article. Again, many thanks for the compliments and I hope I've been a help! Have a nice holiday :) Ash
  • March 6, 2017 at 3:24 pm
    Hi Ash, Your site is so helpful! I'm planning a (last-minute) 8-day trip to Barcelona for my husband, 20 month old toddler and me. Can you advise on a couple of things? Transport to/from airport - I saw your post on this, but can you tell me which would be best if we are not bringing a car seat and which would be best if we do bring a car seat? Where to stay - I am deciding between an airbnb near the Universidad de Barcelona and one on Roger de Flor street in the Eixample district. Both have 2+ bedrooms and are kid-friendly. Which neighborhood would you recommend? What to do - We have 8 days and want to plan a couple of day trips to Tarragona, Figueres, Monserrat, maybe Tossa del Mar. How would you spend 8 days with a little one? Thank you!
    • March 7, 2017 at 1:12 am
      Team Member
      Also! One more thing: the lines are becoming a bit of a nightmare, and are probably worse with a toddler, so make sure you buy your attraction tickets in advance online. I've got links to buy at the Official Tourism Office here.
    • March 7, 2017 at 1:07 am
      Team Member
      Hi Elisabeth, Thanks for the compliments, I am glad to be of service:) For the airport transport I would recommend getting tickets for the Aerobus since it'll be free for your toddler, it's much more spacious than other options so less stress, and it'll drop you off right at Universitat metro station. Without seeing the exact locations of the apartments I am hesitant to recommend one over the other - the Roger de Flor one seems a bit further out, but both are in relatively quiet neighbourhoods (assuming you're staying to the north west of Universitat. I would recommend either. If you have any more specific directions I'll be able to elaborate further. I don't have a kid so not sure bout the day trips: four or five seem really ambitious since they're all essentially in different directions. Tossa is beautiful and I'd recommend it if there's sunny beach weather in the forecast (rare this time of year but perfect from May onward)... it's more of a summer town that'll be dead about now. If you still wanna hit the beach Sitges is much closer and will be much less of a hassle (easily reachable by train from Sants Estacio) the town doesn't shut down in low season. I recommend Figueres if you want to take the Dali Museum Tour at all costs, even if it'll be lost on a toddler. Mont Serrat is an amazing piece of nature and will probably be the easiest on your list. If you're looking for fresh air and a hike this is your best bet - for an easier go at it and something more child oriented you could go to local Mont Tibidabo instead, there's an amusement park here. Also, Tarragona is a great day trip with a fairly pleasant train journey to endure. It doesn't sound like a bad option for kids, but then again I don't have any ;) Anyway, it all depends how much effort you want to put out! All of it is doable but you may want to take the load of by doing some of my alternatives instead. OK, let me know if you have any more questions! Always here :) Ash
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