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Barcelona Port Day Pass: A Cruise Ship Visitor’s Dream


My cruise ship passenger readers bombard me time and time again.

Sometimes I just want to say calm down now – I’ve been here 7 years and still don’t think I’ve seen the best of Barcelona.

I can only imagine how you feel having only one day.

The solution? The Barcelona Port Day Pass!

Allow me to show you cruise ship passengers how save time, skip lines, get a few 20% discounts, and give great structure to your limited time in Spain’s best city.

If you’re already in the know and want to skip ahead to the buying page click the blue button below:

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What’s Included in the Port Day Pass

Cruise Bus (return ticket): this shuttle bus takes you right off the boat and into central Barcelona in a matter of minutes – to the Christopher Columbus statue right at the beginning of Las Ramblas: Barcelona’s most famous street.

This service is not included in any other pass of its kind.

1 Day on the Bus Turistic: this super convenient hop on hop off double decker bus leaves no city attraction uncovered.

You’ll get educated on the city with its informative audio guides and even get a tan up top without having to head to the beach (which is along the way if you need!)

Sagrada Familia: entrance to visit the Gaudi‘s celebrated masterpiece and arguably the most impressive and unique church in the world. Included is an in-depth audio guide for all the education needed.

A 20% discount card: save on famous sights like Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Camp Nou, the Teleferica de Montjuïc, the Picasso Museum, Poble Espanyol, the Fundació Miró, flamenco shows, guided tours, and tons of other attractions.

What are the Advantages of the Pass?

The obvious one is that it optimizes time.

In knowing that you have limited time visiting by cruise ship there’s something great about having the structure of the trip, the optimal transport for seeing the maximum, and the city’s highlights all laid out for you.

From the minute you arrive at port you’ll be in the game.

There’s also a bit of flexibility here as the cruise bus will take you into the famous Gothic Quarter where you’ll also be free to explore on your own through some of Barcelona’s most famous bars, shops, and squares.

I’ve mapped out my optimal 1 day cruise ship passenger itinerary here.

Another plus? The Barcelona Port Day Pass let’s you skip lines at attractions. Simply print out the vouchers or show them on a smart phone and you’re in. Especially in high season this could save you hours of lining up.

Another benefit? The pass is all done online. This means you don’t have to pick anything up, line up, or do anything other than plan the entire thing from the comfort of home before you even leave.

The one small exception is that the Cruise Bus tickets must be printed.

Where to Buy the Cruise Pass + Prices

The Port Day Pass is a ticket package born out of a shared initiative between my blog and Barcelona ticket heavyweights Tiqets.

They’re the inventors of the super successful Barcelona Pass – read some of the comments in my dedicated article to see how other readers have got along with them.

You can buy the Barcelona Port Day Pass clicking the blue button below:

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The Port Day Pass costs €60.00 for adults and €20.00 for children (4-10)

If you want you can buy all these products separately and you’d save €2.50, however remember that you won’t be entitled to the 20% discount pass to the other attractions.

You’ll also have to buy the Cruise Bus tickets once you arrive which will take you a lot of time.

Also keep in mind that the tours being pushed by the cruise ship companies are decidedly more expensive.

tourists lining up outside casa batllo in barcelona spain tourists lining up outside casa batllo in barcelona spain
Skip lines and save money buying tickets online!

How to Book the Port Day Pass

First off you’ll need to click the blue button above to purchase.

You’ll then need to select your arrival dates and the time you would like to visit the Sagrada Familia (between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm are the time slots).

Once you’ve made the purchase you’ll receive a confirmation email with your purchase, and then a second email with your vouchers for the Cruise Bus, the Bus Turistic, and Sagrada Familia.

It’s in this second email that you’ll get your 20% discount codes with the links to redeem them.

Again, simply show these vouchers printed out or on a smartphone to skip the lines at the attractions.

How to Use the Pass

  • Arrive with vouchers via cruise at the Port of Barcelona (your arrival date)
  • Take the Portbus to Plaça de Colon
  • Grab the Bus Turistic to explore the city
  • Arrive at Sagrada at your chosen time slot (between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm)
  • See other attractions with your 20% discount
  • Take the Bus Turistic back to Plaça de Colon
  • Take the Portbus back to your ship

Easy peasy!

Idea for a Quick Snack

If you get to Sagrada Familia take a few steps away to visit Enrique Tomas at Carrer Marina 261. Here you’ll be able to sample some of Spain’s finest cured meats including the unmissable jamon bellota.

The best part? If you spend over €10.00 and mention Barcelonahacks they’ll give you a free coffee of your choice!

Questions? Dock Your Ship Here

I’ve shown you the way to get the most out of your cruise ship stop in Barcelona but surely that can’t be it!

If you’ve got any questions about your Barcelona holiday be sure to write them to me in the comments below.

  • November 2, 2019 at 11:56 pm
    At what times does the cruise bus return from the city to the port? Any restrictions for the bus or any sites on New Years Eve?
    • November 4, 2019 at 11:43 am
      Team Member
      Hi Sharon, There is no set schedule for the Cruise Bus and it is completely dependent on the timetables of cruise ships. If you're leaving on a cruise there will buses scheduled especially for you. I would check with the cruise ships for those exact times. To my knowledge they run on NYE also. Cheers, Ash
  • March 31, 2019 at 5:34 pm
    Joelle Ditty
    Hello, Loving the much to navigate - so THANKS! Would you recommend the pass for people coming in from a cruise, but remaining in Barcelona for two days before coming back to Canada? I like the idea of the bus to the city centre, and other attractions - but we won't require the bus back to the port....suggestions? I haven't booked any place to stay quite yet, and torn between a conventional hotel or an airbnb. Any advice? There are going to be four adults - between the ages 45-55. Date are July 18-20th. Thank you, Joelle
    • April 1, 2019 at 8:11 am
      Team Member
      Hi Joelle, The second port bus ride will indeed be the least 'value' item of the entire pass and so you wouldn't be losing a lot here. Also, staying an extra day means you'll have more time to cash in the 20% discount package... so you'll more than be able to make up for it. If you're going to take full advantage of the Bus Turistic then I'd go with the pass anyway. About the lodging I find it hard to give advice for high season since so many things are booked up, the prices skyrocket, and there are just so many elements at play. I do find though that with 4 people you can generally get more value from renting an Airbnb. If you have something specific in mind please let me know and I'll see what I can do... in the meantime a good jumping off point is with my post on the best area to stay in Barcelona. Ash
  • August 13, 2018 at 5:36 pm
    Debbie Byerly
    Hello, I love your site, very informative and I have spent hours exploring it. We have a group of 6 people arriving to Barcelona on 26 October via Holland Oosterdam cruise. We arrive at noon on the 26th but will depart the ship on the 27th and spend 3 more days in Barcelona. Our apartment is Avinguda del Paral·lel, 120, Barcelona. Which is very close to the port. I have already purchased Sagrada tickets for Sunday at 1600 with a guided visit. So looking for best options for 6 older adults to get from the ship to our Apartment on the 27th. Walking is not an option for us and we will all have a LOT of luggage. We want to do a hop on hop off, but the 26th is not great given it is only a half day. What do you recommend? the 27th we have to make it to our apartment at 1100 for check in. But have to be off the ship NLT 0900 I suspect. The big issues are getting from ship to apartment for 6 older adults with lots of luggage and also from apartment to airport on the 30th at 630 AM. Not sure we can make it to a bus stop and manage all the luggage. Trying to figure out our best options for transport given the size of our group. Thanks.
    • August 14, 2018 at 7:05 am
      Team Member
      Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for the kind words :) For the port to hotel transport I wouldn't mess around having 6 people pay for the Port Bus as it's going to add up money-wise and it's not going to get you directly to your destination. Since it's quite close it won't break the bank splitting the group and getting two taxis. I can't see it being more than about 6 or 7 euros each to get to the hotel (keep in mind just the Port Bus is 3 euros). As for the airport transport, yes indeed it is a hassle getting those early morning buses. What you can do is get a quote from Taxileader to see if all 6 of you can ride in the same taxi. If this doesn't work you'll unfortunately have to again get two taxis, which will run upwards of 70-80 euros in total... again though, with the Aerobus not running and the city bus being at least a 25 minute walk away with lots of luggage to Plaça Espanya (at about 3 am mind you) this is to me the only logical and comfortable option. Ash
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