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Barcelona in April 2024: Things to Do, Events + Festivals


Barcelona in April just might be my favourite month – because with improving weather it’s the first time of the year when outdoor activities take priority.

Also, the city’s streets and squares become even more lively with cultural, gastronomic, and music events, making it an ideal time to visit.

Here’s what to do in April in Barcelona!

woman selling flowers at a flower stall on sant jordi day in barcelona spain

Why Visit Barcelona in April?

Again, April in Barcelona is characterized by warm days – and the city really starts to wake up after its winter slumber.

It’s also the time you’ll find Barcelona Easter celebrations – so there’s just a ton going on, a nice preview of the chaos of Barcelona in summer.

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Here’s why April is a great time to visit:

  1. Pleasant Weather: April provides comfortable temperatures for exploring Barcelona’s numerous attractions without the intense heat of summer.
  2. Lower Tourist Crowds: Before the peak tourist season begins, you can enjoy the city’s famous sites and experiences with fewer people around.
  3. Sant Jordi: I love this unique Catalan tradition that runs every April 23rd, where streets become lined with book and flower stalls, symbolizing love and culture.
  4. Vibrant Cultural Events: From the Independent Film Festival to the colorful Feria de Abril, April is filled with events that showcase the city’s diverse cultures and traditions.
  5. Outdoor Activities: The mild weather is perfect for outdoor adventures, whether it’s a stroll through Barcelona’s best parks, a bike ride along the beach, or dining al fresco on one of the city’s lively terraces.
wide angle low shot of the santa maria del mar church in barcelona born area

Weather in Barcelona in April

Expect a mild and enjoyable climate, with average daytime temperatures around 18°C (64.4°F), making it ideal for exploring the city.

Nights are pleasantly cool, and we’re so close to the heat of summer we can touch it!

a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain a pan of seafood paella at bodega joan restaurant in barcelona spain
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How to Dress in Barcelona in April

Visiting Barcelona in April doesn’t have to be rocket science – you can expect warm, relatively dry days with the potential for chilly evenings.

You’re not going to need to bundle up, but here’s a few suggestions on what to wear in April:

  • Light Jacket or Cardigan: For the cooler evenings.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes: For exploring the city.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: The sun can be strong during the day.

Again, I’m Canadian, so I usually end up putting away long pants by the end of April – it really warms up! Unless you’re coming from Miami or Arizona, you’ll feel super comfortable.

Things to Do in Barcelona in April: Top Events and Sights

the spires of barcelona's sagrada familia

Sagrada Familia

Visiting Sagrada Familia in April – or any other month for that matter – is as magical as the spring light filtering through its stained-glass windows.

The kaleidoscope of colors that illuminate the intricate interior is something everybody needs to see.

It’s not just a church: it’s a narrative of faith, art, and innovation. With fewer crowds, you can appreciate the details and the ongoing construction of this UNESCO site, a symbol of Barcelona’s creative spirit.

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flower seller wrapping up flowers at a flower stall on sant jordi day in barcelona spain

Sant Jordi (April 23rd)

I find Sant Jordi utterly enchanting, as Barcelona transforms into a book and rose fest – this is one of the best Barcelona events, period.

This type of Catalan Saint Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated with men giving women flowers – and women giving men books – though feel free to mix it up!

Here, you’ll find streets brimming with flower and book stalls. It’s a celebration of Saint George, Catalonia’s patron saint, blending tradition and romance.

montserrat mountain with panoramic view


April in Barcelona is the perfect time to explore Montserrat, with its milder weather making the hikes around the monastery and surrounding natural park both pleasant and invigorating.

The serenity of this mountain retreat, home to the revered Black Madonna, offers a spiritual and visual escape from the city.

The blend of natural beauty, religious significance, and the renowned boys’ choir performances make it a multifaceted destination.

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audience watching a film at the verdi cinema on a rainy day in barcelona

D’A Film Festival (April 4th-14th)

Attending the D’A Film Festival offers a dive into contemporary cinema, showcasing over 100 international and Spanish indie films.

It’s a cinephile’s dream, set in some of Barcelona’s most apt movie theaters – and a lot of the films at least have English subtitles.

The festival, which began in 2010, attracts filmmakers and enthusiasts alike, fostering discussions and a love for groundbreaking storytelling.

Magic Nights at Casa Batllo (April 1st to April 30th)

Casa Batlló comes alive in April, and it’s not just because the sun highlights its fantastical dragon’s back roof and bony façade.

Indeed, Barcelona in April is the first month of its famous Magic Nights Rooftop Concert Series.

With tickets, you’ll get the house visit, your own private table, and a glass of cava to watch intimate concerts – jazz, rock, flamenco – whatever!

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Feria de Abril (April 21st-30th)

The Feria de Abril is a burst of local Andalusian culture, complete with some of Barcelona’s best flamenco shows, traditional dresses, and tapas.

Originating from Seville, this festival creates a vibrant, fair-like atmosphere with casetas (tents) filled with music and dance – at the famous Parc del Forum.

2024 dates are still TBA but check the Feria de Abril website for more info.

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mosaic bench with panoramic view at park guell

Park Guell

It’s probably obvious – with the arrival of spring, Park Güell in April is an explosion of colours, with flowering plants set against the whimsical architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

This public park offers stunning views of Barcelona amidst a mosaic of ceramic tiles.

It’s normally packed here during high season, so the cooler April temperatures and less crowded paths make for a leisurely exploration of Gaudí’s vision.

Park Guell
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barnasants april 2024 logo

BarnaSANTS Canço D’Autor (All April)

The Barnasants Festival is a haven for lovers of singer-songwriter music, focusing on the artistry of lyrical storytelling and melody.

Held in various venues around Barcelona during April, it’s a platform for both established and emerging talents in the genre of “Cançó” – a movement with deep roots in Catalan culture.

Its historical significance lies in promoting social and political introspection through music, making it a culturally enriching experience.

Mount Tibidabo

April’s clear days are ideal for visiting Mount Tibidabo, where the panorama of Barcelona stretches out beneath you.

The amusement park offers nostalgic charm, while the adjacent church, the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, provides a peaceful counterpoint.

It’s a unique blend of spiritual tranquility, historical amusement, and breathtaking views, making it a memorable excursion.

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barcelona oktoberfest grounds

Poble Espanyol Biergarten (April 26th to May 4th)

Visiting the Poble Espanyol Biergarten, I’m transported into a festive German-style beer garden right in the heart of Barcelona’s open air architecture museum.

This April Barcelona event offers a wide selection of beers, traditional Bavarian food, and live music. It’s a convivial atmosphere where friends and families gather under the spring sky.

Naturally, the Biergarten’s inception was inspired by Munich’s famous beer gardens, aiming to bring a piece of German tradition to Barcelona. It’s a delightful escape, attracting beer lovers and those seeking a unique social experience.

panoramic view from outside the walls of montjuic castle barcelona


Montjuïc in April is a canvas of cultural and natural attractions, from the Magic Fountain evening light shows to the blooming gardens that dot the hillside.

The milder temperatures are perfect for exploring the Miro Museum, the Olympic sites, and Montjuic Castle.

This hill offers a quieter, greener side of Barcelona, with sweeping views of the port and city – a refreshing escape with a historical backdrop.

Take the Port Cable Car up there – the panorama of the city is incredible!

Port Cable Car
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Concerts in Barcelona in April 2024

singer singing at the barcelona jazz festival
  • Jason Derulo: April 2nd, at Sant Jordi Club
  • Die Antwoord: April 18th, Sala Razzmatazz
  • Andrea Bocelli: April 30th, Palau Sant Jordi
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What to See in April in Barcelona

OK, so with so many top things to do in Barcelona in April I’m not expecting to have you whole holiday planned.

That’s why I wanna give you some more ammo so you can get to Barcelona, guns-blazing.

Here’s a list of my custom Barcelona itineraries if you need the support:

Again though, if you’ve got any questions about visiting Barcelona in April – or anything else – drop me a line in the comments below!

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