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Grab a €25.00 Discount on Your Airbnb in Barcelona


A great way to visit any city on the cheap is to book an Airbnb.

For those who haven’t heard this is a way to get your hands on a bed, a room, or even an entire house at much cheaper prices than your typical hotel.

You’ll get in touch with your host (a Barcelona local) after scoping their availability, submit a stay request, and pay the agreed upon price once you’ve been approved.

Here’s how to do it.

How to Sign Up to Airbnb

The easiest way is to sign up directly with your Facebook account.

You can also sign up using your email address. Once you’ve given your details you’ll upload a photo and complete a small bio so the hosts know who you are – the trust begins here.

The more information you submit the more likely they’ll approve you.

You’ll then need to verify your email, telephone, and/or a valid credit card for future payments.


If you sign up you’ll get a €25.00+ DISCOUNT on your first purchase using the button below.

€25.00 first booking credit

How to Book Lodging Using Airbnb

To book with Airbnb:

  • Go to the homepage
  • Insert ‘Barcelona’ in the text box (top left)
  • Click on ‘Stays’ to search for lodging
  • Insert your requirements (dates, number of guests, budget, type etc.) using buttons

From here you’ll be given a list of options based on your needs.

Scroll through the list or browse the best areas to stay with the city map. Most of them will have tons of detailed photos and amenity info (internet, parking, dishwasher etc.) and what you can expect.

You’ll also get plenty of authentic reviews from previous guests.

Airbnb Booking Methods

There are three methods for booking which are specified by the host.

  • Sending a stay request to the owner and pre-approving your credit card. This way once the owner approves your request the booking will be immediately confirmed. This is typically done within 24 hours but often much less.
  • Contacting multiple hosts via messaging. You can send your selected dates to multiple options at once and if you’re accepted the owner will send you a booking link. This is a quick way to get a response if there are multiple options you like.
  • Instant book. Some hosts (mostly veteran bed and breakfast stops) like to offer instant approval much like booking a luxury hotel. If you’re looking at a last minute scenario this is the best option.

Airbnb Booking Advice

Here are some of my tips to avoid ending up in subpar lodging or even worse.

  1. Always read the guest reviews (and always leave them!)
  2. Don’t set up an account without a photo. Upload a good one.
  3. When possible book your Airbnb with flexible cancellation policies as it can protect you in the case of last minute changes. Always read the policy first.
  4. Ask as many questions as possible to the host – that’s what they’re there for!
  5. Take awhile to scroll through a lot of options – there are tons of really cool and unique places up for rent. You just might land a house in an igloo, a pyramid, or a bus!

My Airbnb Experience

a modern brick studio apartment in budapest listed on airbnb

My first experience was in 2012 on a visit to Japan.

During the Autumn Foliage it was extremely difficult to find a hostel in Kyoto so I signed up on a whim and found some shared accomodation.

I was skeptical at first at what was essentially a large dorm room – but the positive reviews assured me I wouldn’t go wrong. I remember the host cooking nightly traditional dinners for us and sleeping in complete privacy.

I’ve had two more experiences since.

City breaks in Budapest (above) and Rome were taken up a notch as a result of having modern and central studio apartments at a fraction of hotel prices. I felt like a local living in the city.

The best part?

My hosts were both enthusiastic locals who gave a ton of great tips on where to eat and what to see.

In all this was done without ever spending more than about €50.00-€60.00 a night.

Also! Need I mention the fact that you can also become a host and make money off your house, apartment, or spare room?

In 2014 I rented out my spare room in Barcelona near La Rambla and was able to bank enough cash to pay for a holiday to Thailand.

Sign Up and Get Your Discount

If you or your travelling partner(s) have yet to sign up I suggest doing so.

You’ll get a €25.00 (or slightly more or less, depending on exchange rates with the dollar) credit on your first booking by clicking the button below.

€25.00 first booking credit

This discount is only applicable to bookings of €67.00 or more (not including cleaning fees).

Stay a Little Longer

Just like a cosy Airbnb I want you hang around and get more info for your Barcelona holiday. If you’ve got any question about your stay in my city please don’t hesitate.

I’m here in the comment below!

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